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Two 10m-ton steel projects postponed to curb overcapacity: NDRC

[2009-10-20 15:41]

The Zhanjiang steel project of the Baosteel Group Corporation and the Fangchenggang steel project of the Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation will not be started as scheduled, the Beijing Business Today reported today.

China to be largest auto market in the world

[2009-10-20 14:52]

Experts expect that China will become the biggest auto market in the world this year, the West China City Daily reported yesterday.

China's auto output hits 10m mark

[2009-10-20 14:10]

China's production of automobiles since the beginning of this year hit 10 million units on Tuesday, making it the third country in the world to surpass the annual output mark.

China promises to help exporters against crisis

[2009-10-20 14:07]

A senior Chinese trade official has said the government must do more to help exporters overcome the economic downturn as recovery is still uncertain.

25 held Chinese seem fine: EU anti-piracy force

[2009-10-20 11:27]

Spokesman of the European Union naval force John Harbour confirmed on Monday that 25 Chinese people were taken hostages by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and they seem to be fine.

Sixth China-ASEAN Expo opens to embrace free trade area

[2009-10-20 10:33]

A high profile exposition co-hosted by China and ten southeast Asian countries opened here on Tuesday to make final preparations for a free trade area amid the lingering global economic downturn.

New US navy admiral values China ties

[2009-10-20 10:21]

Ties with China will be an important task for the new leader of the US navy, who assumed his role yesterday over an area that stretches from Hawaii and Alaska to India, Chinese experts said.

Pierre Cardin locked in sale skirmish

[2009-10-20 09:41]

A local textile trading company has threatened to sue Pierre Cardin, the iconic designer of the French fashion house, for breach of contract.

China, EU will hold summit in November

[2009-10-20 09:35]

The second Sino-EU summit of this year will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, at the end of November.

Second wave of H1N1 infections hits China

[2009-10-20 09:28]

China is experiencing a second round of H1N1 flu infection as recent infections are more widespread and are increasing rapidly.

China's larger IMF role poses questions

[2009-10-20 09:20]

New rights often bring new responsibilities and, with China set to take on a larger decision-making role at the International Monetary Fund, experts warn it may be pressured to shoulder a heavier burden.

Water aircraft lands in 2013

[2009-10-20 09:11]

The first Chinese-made large amphibious aircraft is scheduled to take off in 2013, and ready for mass production in 2015, a senior engineer for the manufacturer said.

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