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Activists try making vegetarianism sexy in China

[2009-11-27 09:42]

Want to be sexy? Don't eat meat - that's the message behind a campaign to promote vegetarianism in China, where meat consumption is booming on the back of rapid economic growth.

Hackers milk Chinese online bonanza

[2009-11-27 09:34]

The craze in online games among Chinese netizens is fueling an increasingly lucrative market for computer hackers, security firms have said.

To buy or not to buy: Chinese house buyers' dilemma

[2009-11-27 09:26]

Shou Zhenwei, a 28-year-old state-owned company employee in Beijing, paid 1.4 million yuan (205,000 U.S. dollars) for a two-bedroom apartment this month, realizing a long-cherished dream.

Overcapacity leading to trade levies just 'an excuse'

[2009-11-27 07:52]

The claim by a network of European businesses that trade protectionism measures imposed on China are a result of the country's industrial overcapacity is a "bad excuse", a Chinese expert said yesterday.

Efforts underway to cool hot money flow

[2009-11-27 07:44]

After several countries began to target the flow of short-term speculative capital, many experts believe China will step up its efforts to control the flow of so-called hot money.

China to take next leap in moon probe

[2009-11-27 07:42]

China's second lunar probe, Chang'e-2, will be launched in October 2010, a top space scientist said yesterday.

CO2 target 'opens door for reform'

[2009-11-27 07:41]

China should tie the career prospects of officials to their performance in developing both a low carbon economy and the restructuring of the economy to realize the nation's new target of a 40-45 percent reduction in carbon intensity by 2020.

Champion changes pool's image

[2009-11-27 07:45]

Wearing a pink sweater, blue jeans and a pair of sneakers, the pony-tailed Liu Shasha looks like the typical girl next-door.

China targets massive 40-45% carbon cut

[2009-11-27 07:03]

China said it was targeting a hefty 40-45 percent cut in carbon intensity by 2020 and Premier Wen Jiabao would lead the nation's charge for real climate change progress at the Copenhagen summit.CO2 target 'opens door for reform' Substantial climate deal sought after Comment: Green clock starts ticking US experts welcome China's pledge

TCM benefits 9,000 HIV/AIDS sufferers

[2009-11-27 02:15]

The pilot program to treat HIV/AIDS with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) had benefited 9, 267 people, said the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Thursday.

Annual album launched to record China's diplomacy

[2009-11-27 02:04]

The first issue of China's Foreign Affairs, an annual photo album about achievements made in China's diplomacy, was launched in Beijing Thursday.

Two men executed for abducting, trafficking children

[2009-11-27 00:12]

Two men were executed Thursday morning for abducting and trafficking children, according to China's Supreme People's Court.

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