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China, Serbia vow to cement ties


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Observation system to boost maritime power

China will set up a network by 2020 to cope with disasters, guarantee development of the coastal economy and protect the maritime interests.

Premier Li forges new link in Serbian relations

The first new bridge in decades over the River Danube in Belgrade has cemented friendship and cooperation between both the countries.

Time for Macao to diversify, insiders say

It is time for the city to branch out its economy from an over-reliance on gambling, as this year it may see first yearly decline in gaming revenue.

Macao's 15 years of examplary progress

Forex regulator plans further RMB liberalization measures

China's foreign exchange regulator said the country will gradually achieve convertibility of the renminbi under the capital account.

Ailing rouble poses risks to China

Russia's currency crisis may lead to debt problem if market panic spreads, which will be a big risk for the fragile global recovery and for emerging nations.

Canada top college choice of Chinese at foreign high schools

Canada is the most popular destination for Chinese students pursuing a high school education overseas, but the United States is catching up.

Avon pays fine of $135m to settle bribery allegations

US Securities and Exchange Commission fined international cosmetics seller Avon Products $135 million to settle a corruption probe in China.

Cross-Straits Chinese character of the year: Zhuan

Zhuan, (or 转,Pronounced "zhuan", meaning turn or transform) was voted as the cross-Straits Chinese character of the year on Dec 18, 2014.

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