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22 Chinese companies listed on Nasdaq this year

[2009-10-29 13:44]

The Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc. has welcomed 22 companies from China to the Nasdaq Stock Market year- to-date in 2009, said the company on Wednesday.

Policy on Tibet is consistent

[2009-10-29 11:47]

Zhu Weiqun was interviewed by Germany's Focus magazine on September 22 about China's policy on the Tibet Autonomous Region and the central government's attitude towards the Dalai Lama.

Plans to rebuild damaged CCTV building under way

[2009-10-29 10:58]

The chief architect for the new headquarters for China's state broadcaster said Wednesday that preparations are under way to begin reconstruction on part of the complex that burned in a massive fire triggered by illegal fireworks earlier this year.

Obama meets senior Chinese military officer

[2009-10-29 10:46]

US President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that his administration is committed to building cooperative and comprehensive ties with China.

China to pursue trade case against US automakers

[2009-10-29 10:21]

China has told the US that it will take steps that could lead to higher tariffs on imports of autos made by GM, Chrysler and Ford.

China presents its universities in Bulgaria

[2009-10-29 10:18]

Over 30 Chinese universities participated in an exhibition on the sidelines of the Sino-Bulgaria University Presidents' Forum, which opened here on Wednesday.

Chinese visit seals end of chilly ties with Australia

[2009-10-29 10:15]

The arrival of China's Vice Premier Li Keqiang in Sydney on Thursday seems to seal the end of diplomatic tensions between Canberra and Beijing.

China spends $105B for public projects by end of Aug

[2009-10-29 10:07]

China's central government had invested 717 billion yuan ($105 billion) in major public projects as of the end of August.

Discouraging our Good Samaritans

[2009-10-29 08:50]

China Central Television (CCTV) is currently running a series of short profiles of heroes and heroines on its nightly newscast.

France goes back on China's shopping list

[2009-10-29 08:49]

After skipping over France twice this year on purchasing delegations, China will shop in the Western European nation late next month, a move that analysts said signals a return to their economic relationship.

Stimulus funds help end crisis

[2009-10-29 08:44]

The government should improve the portfolio of the stimulus package to avoid over-construction, top legislative officials said yesterday.

Pollution funds diverted

[2009-10-29 08:26]

Hundreds of millions of dollars designated for pollution control and prevention never reached its target because of embezzlement and fraud, a National Audit Office report said yesterday.

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