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Time not right for stimulus policy exit

[2009-11-30 08:01]

Political and economic leaders from China and the European Union (EU) appealed here Sunday that countries should not take an "early withdraw" from their economic stimulus packages since they are still need to maintain the global economic recovery trend.

China indices likely to shrug off Dubai debt woes

[2009-11-30 07:54]

Dubai's debt problems may be sending world markets sliding, but the tumble in stocks in Shanghai and Hong Kong is not expected to extend into this week, according to financial analysts.

Wanted American gets 3 years in China

[2009-11-30 07:53]

An American wanted for eco-terrorism attacks in the United States has been sentenced to three years in a Chinese prison for making illegal drugs.

Bird's Nest to woo winter sports fans

[2009-11-30 07:51]

The Bird's Nest may have been built for last year's Summer Games but Beijing's stunning Olympic stadium will soon be targeting fans of winter sports.

Focus to be bilateral ties

[2009-11-30 07:46]

China and European leaders meet today for a one-day summit. "China-EU relations should advance in a more strategic, comprehensive and stable fashion," said Wen in a press release. Wen: Demands on RMB appreciation unfair Trade probes will not have long-term impact on China' Time not right for stimulus policy exit

Low-carbon urbanization is way forward for China

[2009-11-30 07:26]

The level of urbanization is an important benchmark for an economy in transit from poverty to middle income. During the process of urbanization in developed countries, the agriculture-based economy was gradually transformed to an industry-dominated structure and per capita energy consumption and energy intensity rose in tandem. After urbanization was completed and the tertiary industry became the main economic pillar, energy intensity declined correspondingly and per capita energy demand entered a stable stage with relatively low growth.

Trade probes will not have long-term impact on China'

[2009-11-30 07:23]

Growing trade conflicts between China and the European Union will not erode trade cooperation and economic dependence in the long term, said experts and officials.

Carbon capture, storage has huge potential: Ambassador

[2009-11-30 07:22]

China has a huge potential for carbon capture and storage (CSS), a mechanism that could prove crucial in the fight against climate change, said Serge Abou, EU ambassador to China.

Currency will stay stable, says China

[2009-11-30 07:22]

China will maintain the stability of its currency while increasing the yuan's flexibility in controllable, gradual steps, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said yesterday during a meeting with European Union (EU) financial chiefs.

Chinese premier meets with EC president Barroso

[2009-11-30 06:46]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met here with European Commission President Jos Manuel Barroso on Sunday ahead of the 12th China-European Union (EU) summit.

China's Antarctic expedition returns to eastern hemisphere

[2009-11-29 21:49]

China's Xuelong (Snow Dragon) vessel, on the country's 26th Antarctic expedition, crossed zero meridian and returned to the eastern hemisphere at 16:45 local time (1745GMT) on Saturday.

Society moves to protect Chinese biographers' rights

[2009-11-29 19:46]

The Biographic Literature Society of China (BLSC) has set up a committee to help protect the rights and interests of the country's biographers by law.

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