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Wind-power market limit lifted for firms

[2009-10-30 08:05]

China will drop a requirement that most of the components of wind power-related equipment be made within its borders, a beneficial move for foreign companies who argue that they have been locked out of China's wind-power market.

Canada looks to renew ties with China

[2009-10-30 08:03]

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper will make his first visit to China since taking office in 2006, aiming to not only boost trade but repair a strained relationship.

Waking from a nightmare

[2009-10-30 07:58]

A father from Guizhou province wept with joy yesterday as he was reunited with the son human traffickers snatched from him two years ago.

Cashing in on culture

[2009-10-30 07:57]

Nobody should be surprised about the best-selling author making headlines, but what's different this time is he's in the business pages.

3.46M students benefit from Project Hope

[2009-10-30 00:51]

Project Hope, a Chinese program aiming at financing education for poverty-stricken students, has benefited more than 3.46 million rural students since its establishment in 1989.

China, US pledge no more tit-for-tat in trade

[2009-10-29 22:35]

China and the United States said Thursday they would not stage any new trade protection measures against each other, a significant step which lays the groundwork for the presidential summit next month.

A/H1N1 accounts for 80% total flu cases

[2009-10-29 22:31]

The A/H1N1 influenza virus is responsible for nearly 80 percent of China's total flu infections and most of the mass cases occurred in schools.

'Endless troubles' follow flu shot lest

[2009-10-29 19:48]

China's top epidemiologist Zeng Guang on Thursday urged more people to be inoculated against A(H1N1) flu while reassuring the public about the vaccine safety.

4th China fleet to sail for anti-piracy mission

[2009-10-29 19:32]

A Chinese navy flotilla will depart from the Zhoushan Islands on Friday to escort merchant vessels and protect them from pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden.

US calls for balanced trade at meeting with China

[2009-10-29 15:15]

China and the United States kicked off an annual trade meeting on Thursday with both sides reiterating calls against protectionism, against a backdrop of friction over trade and the value of their currencies. US hi-tech export controls scrutinized

Nationwide H1N1 vaccinations kick off

[2009-10-29 14:34]

Recently many regions in China's mainland have started H1N1 flu vaccinations.

China, US start annual trade talks in E.China

[2009-10-29 13:48]

China and the United States on Thursday started their annual trade talks in Hangzhou, captial of east China's Zhejiang Province.

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