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Chinese, Malaysian leaders discuss development of strategic co-op

[2009-11-11 09:50]

Chinese President Hu Jintao and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak met to discuss further development of the strategic and cooperative ties between China and Malaysia. Hu: Strategic Co-op Benefits Countries, Region China, Malaysia to Enhance Banking Co-op

1,021 foreigners awarded to learn Chinese teaching

[2009-11-11 09:05]

China announced Tuesday to award scholarships to 1,021 foreign applicants for a master's program on Chinese language teaching, with an aim to cultivate local teaching staff amid increasing overseas demands for learning the language.

Yangtze basin faces climate disasters

[2009-11-11 08:25]

A rising number of extreme storms and droughts are expected to hit the Yangtze River Basin in the coming decades, the result of rising temperatures globally.

Money holds heroism to ransom

[2009-11-11 08:20]

The photograph is the most heart-wrenching, and at the same time disgusting, I have ever seen: An old man on a boat holding a rope tied to the arm of a dead person submerged in water with one hand and gesticulating to people on the bank with the other...

House prices rise at fastest rate for 14 months

[2009-11-11 08:15]

The cost of a home in China rose sharply in October, with the price surging up at its fastest rate for 14 months.

Weather is manipulated again for snow

[2009-11-11 08:14]

Beijing's unusually heavy snow, which brought a traffic paralysis to the capital yesterday, again highlighted the controversial use of weather modification.

Beijing, Canberra eye free-trade talks

[2009-11-11 08:12]

Australia and China will attempt to kick-start stalled free-trade talks later this week, Australian Trade Minister Simon Crean said yesterday.

Obama's China trip fuels fresh hope

[2009-11-11 08:03]

Chinese and US officials are upbeat about next week's visit by Obama, suggesting the prospects for beefing up collaboration and constraining disputes are good.

Southeast Asia tops agenda of global investors

[2009-11-11 07:51]

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will become a hub for global trade as it draws more interest from countries worldwide in acknowledging free trade within the region, analysts have said.

China's APEC role grows in stature

[2009-11-11 07:49]

Comprising 21 countries and regions, it is one of the foremost economic groupings in the world. Together, the member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum account for about half of global trade.

Hu meets with Malaysia's Supreme Head of State

[2009-11-11 07:08]

President Hu Jintao inspects an honour guard during the official welcoming ceremony at the parliament square in Kuala Lumpur November 10, 2009.

Hu: Deepening strategic co-op benefits countries, region

[2009-11-11 00:19]

China and Malaysia are expected to sign economic and trade agreements Wednesday to push forward projects in infrastructure, sources close to the Chinese delegation said on Tuesday. China's APEC role grows SE Asia tops agenda of global investors Full coverage

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