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Mainland reports 13th H1N1 death

[2009-11-06 14:43]

The Chinese mainland reported one more death from A/H1N1 flu Friday after at least 12 people had fallen victim to the disease, authorities said.

China to issue specific policies to curb overcapacity

[2009-11-06 13:45]

China will accelerate eliminating production overcapacity and boost mergers and acquisitions, the Gungzhou Daily reported Friday

Obama t-shirt is sold in Beijing

[2009-11-06 11:53]

A picture in a t-shirt featuring US President Barack Obama's face replacing China's former helmsman Mao Zedong's face in an iconic image of the Communist Party and Red Army, on sale in Beijing.

In defense of pajamas

[2009-11-06 10:06]

Shanghai is cracking down on its most tenacious fashion trend. In preparation for the 2010 World Expo, the municipal government has launched a campaign to eradicate running red lights and wearing pajamas in public.

What crisis? Chinese Women happy to spend

[2009-11-06 08:19]

Spurred on by rebates and the trickle down of the country's stimulus package, Chinese housewives, who traditionally control the pockets of their families, are buying the latest fashions, investing in stocks and traveling.

China Minmetals blamed for discharging waste into river

[2009-11-06 08:19]

Two iron ore suppliers under China Minmetals Corporation (CMC) in Wu'an, Hebei province, have been blamed for discharging waste and polluting environment, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Children's Day nets 24-hour coverage

[2009-11-06 08:08]

The dedicated day for all children around the globe will now receive multimedia and traditional news coverage from more than 500 media organizations worldwide.

Auction of relics angers the public

[2009-11-06 08:06]

China officials yesterday renewed objection to an auction of looted Chinese relics, following a flood of criticism from netizens over Wednesday's auction of an imperial jade seal in London.

Sino-US project raises ire of senator

[2009-11-06 07:37]

A US Democratic senator is calling on the Obama administration to reject an expected request for federal economic stimulus money from a $1.5 billion West Texas wind energy project because he says it will generate Chinese, not American, jobs.

Lady lakes vanish into the blues

[2009-11-06 07:35]

The world is obsessed with efforts to strike a deal in Copenhagen next month. But the 13th World Lake Conference in China, which is part of the same save-the-environment campaign, has largely gone ignored.

China grounds 'space force' talk

[2009-11-06 07:32]

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said the direction of China's space program is for only peaceful ventures at a regular news briefing yesterday.

China's richest see their wealth double

[2009-11-06 07:32]

The Midas touch of US investment guru Warren Buffett helped energize the bank account of Shenzhen battery and electric car magnate Wang Chuanfu in the latest China rich list in Forbes Magazine, vaulting the entrepreneur 22 places up the rankings.

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