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Illicit fertility clinics target top students

[2015-01-07 07:30]

Illegal human fertilization agencies in China are looking for donated eggs from beautiful female students with high intelligence.

Canada is top college choice of Chinese at foreign high schools

[2014-12-19 07:14]

Canada is the most popular destination for Chinese students pursuing a high school education overseas, but the United States is catching up.

Daughter pays for parents' good deed

[2014-12-15 13:36]

A woman whose parents donated their organs was forced to move houses three times after being harassed for not keeping their bodies intact.

Women's boxing club a hit in Shanghai

[2014-12-10 07:12]

Gong Jin, who has trained since she was 12 years old, founded the Princess Women's Boxing Club, the first "only for women" boxing club in China.

Body may be missing Shanghai grad student

[2014-12-10 08:01]

A body found in an abandoned Shanghai University campus building on Tuesday is thought to be that of a graduate student who was reported missing a month ago, the university said.

Flexible college schooling to encourage self employment

[2014-12-10 18:05]

China's education department called on colleges to offer a more flexible schooling system for students wanting to establish their own businesses.

Payouts planned in campus deaths

[2014-12-12 05:45]

A new system is being planned for awarding compensation to the families of university and college students who die on campus to prevent relatives from seeking excessive payments.

Second trial hears fresh details on student’s death

[2014-12-09 03:45]

The defense lawyer of former medical student Lin Senhao presented new evidence at a second trial on Monday, saying the victim died of the hepatitis B virus.

Suspension of college studies questioned

[2014-12-12 07:45]

Students should finish school before starting businesses, some experts say.

No more running for authorized street artists in Shanghai

[2014-12-11 14:36]

The Wangs are among the eight street performers who obtained licenses, the first of their kind in China, issued in October by the Shanghai Performance Trade Association (SPTA). Since then, they have launched a pilot performance "at an appointed time and area" in Shanghai without being bothered by authorities.

China to allow students to start their own business in school

[2014-12-11 17:19]

Chinese college students with a pioneering spirit can now defer their studies to start their own business, in a move to ease job pressure.

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