Preowned luxury ranks equally valuable

The world's biggest auction house looks to Asia to sell secondhand designer handbags, Sun Yuanqing reports.


Cartoon drawings celebrate 52nd birthday of Peng Liyuan

Cartoon drawings of first lady Peng Liyuan posted by Sina Weibo user xjpply has gone viral among China's netizens. Today (Nov 20) is the 52nd birthday of the first lady of China.


Images of China: Then and now

A set of photos comparing the images of China in the past and the present were released recently. These monochromatic and colored photographs directly show the changes in China in the past few decades.


7 unforgettable bars around the world

From the romantic to the incredibly sophisticated, here we offer to show you some bars that will leave you with memories of an unforgettable night out.


Leaked list reveals China's top earning actresses

A list of the top 21 paid actresses from China made its way to the internet recently, and it's a three-way tie between the mainland's top leading ladies.


21-year-old student wins Miss Model of the World China Final

21-year-old Chinese model Ji Xuan won the title as Miss Model of the World China Region on Nov 16, 2014. Ji will represent China at the Miss Model of the World International Grand Final on Nov 29.

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Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Heung dies of cancer

Hong Kong producer Jimmy Heung, who introduced countless stars to Chinese showbiz, including Steven Chow, died in Beijing of esophageal cancer on Nov 20. He was 64.


Visa changes for Chinese visitors unlock opportunities

New Zealand's tourism industry is set to get a boost under visa changes that make it easier for Chinese to travel to and work in the country.

Town that always says Ganbei!

Moutai Town, a hamlet in the north of Guizhou province, is nestled in a deep valley surrounded by three mountains, with the Chishui River running through it. It has since time immemorial been a natural cellar for the production of baijiu, or Chinese white spirits.

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