Delectable illustrations of Europe

Anna Keville Joyce has created charming illustrations of European cities. The food illustrator's latest project is based on cities she visited while living in Eastern Europe.


Top 10 routes for a road trip in China

Chinese celebrity author Han Han not only introduced his debut movie to the Chinese audience recently, but also a style of traveling: the road trip.


'Transformers' spring up across China

"Transformers" can be seen in many cities of China.


Generations of royal babies put on show

An exhibition featuring the childhoods of members of the British Royal family is underway at Buckingham Palace.


Beautiful clouds over Beijing

Beijing does not only have smog; it also has beautiful clouds. The following images show some of the various clouds that have recently appeared over Beijing.


Tiny landscapes painted on food

From onion peels to kiwi seeds or even bits of chocolate, it seems any canvas is sufficient for Turkish artist Hasan Kale as long as it meets the requirement of being incredibly tiny.

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Colorblind cartoonist thrives in art

Two months ago, the creator of the popular cartoon character Ghost, who works under the nom de plume Viviling, published a new book We Still Need Dreams, But What If They Come True? in which the character relates the author's own coming-of-age stories in humorous fashion.


Zhang Mo detained again for drug-taking

Beijing police confirmed actor Zhang Mo has been detained, but did not reveal any details.

Take off your clothes to make it in TV

A contestant on a new VH1 dating show didn't beckon a woman to walk in front of him out of politeness. He wanted to check her out from behind and didn't need to use his imagination.

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