Graceful Liu Shishi poses for 'Rayli' magazine

Actress Liu Shishi poses during a photo shoot for Rayli magazine.


Flowers turn Beijing suburbs into riot of colors

From August to September each year, Yanqing's Flowers Ocean scenic spot divided in seven sections display marigold, lily, scarlet sage, verbena, Salvia farinacea, spider flower and chrysanthemum attracts thousands of visitors.


Sweets meet art in Monet themed afternoon tea

It's always a delight to see pastry chefs add a special touch to sweets, and the chef behind this themed afternoon tea definitely has unique taste.


East meets the West

Chinese pop-star Chris Lee has roped in American fashion designer Alexander Wang for her upcoming tour — Growing Wild.


Yoga pants the new jeans this summer

Suddenly, walking in gym clothes on the street has become the new fashion across the world.


Go with the Olympic spirit and work out in these fun ways

Going to the gym is not the only way to get fit. Let’s take a look at some of the most entertaining way to stay in shape.

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Jackie Chan is world's third highest paid actor: Forbes

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has ended "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr.'s reign as the highest paid actor in the world, according to a new list published by Forbes on Thursday.

China and Albania to simplify visa procedures

China and Albania will simplify visa application procedures for each other's citizens and issue five-year multiple entry visas for business, tourism, and family visits.

China to ban poorly-behaved tourists from traveling

Chinese tourists blacklisted by the country's tourism authority for behaving poorly while travelling are likely to be banned from travelling abroad as part of the country's efforts to promote civilized tourism.

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