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The railway track between Lhasa and Xigaze in the south of the region was put into operation last week, following the first expansion of the world's highest Qinghai-Tibet railway that has been operating since 2006.


Zhao Wei covers Harper's Bazaar

Chinese actress Zhao Wei poses during a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar Jewelry magazine.


Story of facekinis' inventor

Zhang Shifan, native of Qingdao city, runs a swimsuit store in the coastal city of Shandong province. The 58-year-old woman is recognized as the inventor of facekinis.


Young netted in drug abuse blitz

Young people comprise the majority arrested in recent years during the police crackdown on drug use, Beijing police and experts say.


Creative Chinese Style breakfast

Creative Chinese Style breakfast full of mother's love


Zhang Ziyi graces Harper's Bazaar

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi poses during a recent photo s hoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine.

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120 celebrities reportedly on police anti-drug list

The Beijing police have obtained a list containing 120 celebrities suspected of drug abuse including Jaycee Chan, son of super kung fu star Jackie Chan.

Expat programmer rewrites career in China

Tiffany Tan tells how an American guitar-strumming video game programmer reinvented his career in China.

China's most henpecked husbands

Shanghai men love their wives more than themselves — making Shanghai women the most envied in the country, according to an online post about men who are afraid of their wives.

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