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Ministry denies rolling out nationwide two-child policy as early as this year

[2015-07-23 11:35]

National Health and Family Planning Commission refuses to confirm report that claimed the policy will probably be introduced this year.

China has more newborns after easing 'one-child' policy

[2015-07-10 17:06]

China's newborn population grew to 16.87 million in 2014, thanks partly to the country's relaxation of the "one-child" policy, a health official said

More eligible parents to deliver second babies this year

[2015-03-27 15:10]

Most couples applying to have a second child will deliver their babies this year, rebuffing speculation that the measure is unpopular.

Second-child policy having limited effect

[2014-07-11 07:19]

Qualified couples have been reluctant to take advantage of looser restrictions on China's one-child policy, with experts expecting the number of second babies to increase in the next two years.

China formally allows more couples to have second child

[2013-12-28 10:24]

China's top legislature Saturday made a resolution to allow couples to have two children if either parent is an only child in improving the family planning policy.

Family planning breaches earn Guangdong 1.45b yuan

[2013-12-04 21:13]

Guangdong collected 1.45 billion yuan ($239 million) last year from people who had more children than the family planning policy allows.

Family size violation fees to stay

[2014-12-03 07:48]

China's top family planning authority will continue charging social maintenance fees for family planning policy violations, although some experts say the 12-year-old fee is outdated.

Cost of second child puts couples off

[2014-11-27 16:43]

The high cost of raising children forces the majority of couples eligible applying for permission to have a second child abandon their plan, a survey found.

Declining birthrate a cause for concern

[2014-12-16 07:32]

Experts are calling for an accelerated scrapping of the one-child policy as the nation's birthrate moves toward a dangerously low level.

Family planning policy dilemma unraveled

[2014-12-05 08:36]

The family planning policy has indeed checked China's exploding population growth and also ingrained the one-child concept in many people's minds.

Fewer couples want second child

[2014-10-30 07:50]

About 700,000 Chinese couples in which one of the partners is an only child applied to have a second child by the end of August, and 620,000 of them got a permit, the National Health and Family Planning Commission said on Wednesday.

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