Congress will give us government's priorities

The Congress should give us a better sense of the government's priorities and objectives for the rest of the year.

Development problematic elephant in room

Prince William's visit to Xishuangbanna of Yunnan province will attract widespread attention to China's protection of wild elephants.

Building strong governance

History proves that the Chinese nation must have strong leadership, which is now irreplaceably provided by the ruling Party, if it wants prosperity.

Procurement list adjusted for security reasons

The Chinese government has reportedly removed some the world's leading technology companies from its procurement list, and enrolled more domestically made products as replacements.

  • How to overcome evil in the world By Michael Murphy

    I can't change the warped ideas of others who choose to do evil in the world. I can do something about touching a child's mind and life through teaching them English or how to play a musical instrument.

  • 20 unique facts about China By eddieturkson

    There are some unique and interesting facts about China that would make you gaze and wonder if this is the same China that is often criticized for lack of innovation.

  • Why did I leave US after seven years? By Sharon Shi

    After living in the US for seven years, Sharon Shi chose to return to China and settled in Beijing with her American husband and cute daughter.

  • Lessons learned from experience By MichaelM

    Some people say that success is gained through making right decisions; right decisions come from the wisdom gained through experience.

  • To lend money to a friend By ColinSpeakman

    Would you do this? I guess the answer depends on who the friend is and how much money?

  • How a western teacher survives in China By MichaelM

    I've always chosen to be a student of human behavior. Since coming to China 3.5 years ago, I've watched the behavior of those I've come into contact with.


Local debts not the real risk

Most debts raised by local governments and companies in China are used for investment. This is different from the debts of some countries.

Time for cheers and tears

Being a Canadian living in China for more than 10 years, I feel fortunate to share the joys of Western and Chinese festivals with my Chinese wife, friends and students

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