Democracy is not the real issue

On Sunday, the National People's Congress Standing Committee reached a decision on the framework for political reform in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Japan must own up to militarist past

Japanese leaders have adamantly refused to issue any apology. Worse, some of today's Japanese leaders are the scions of powerful wartime families.

Respect to all national heroes

On Monday, more than 90 Kuomintang generals and other officers were listed among the 300 martyrs and heroic groups of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

Specific school security law in urgent need

A man broke into a classroom in Yunxi county, Hubei province, and stabbed a teacher and eight students before jumping off the primary school building on Monday morning.

  • Is it the festival or the size of the cake? By interdasglobal

    In a few days time all of China will be on the move, celebrating in grand family reunion-style the Moon Festival.

  • Return to China an eye opener By Min1989

    have been back in China for more than a month. What I have experienced during this period of time is exactly opposite to what I had imagined.

  • Stepping over $100 bills By Michael Murphy

    Here's an old saying that I've heard most of my life: "Don't trip over $100 bills in order to save a penny."

  • My Russian mentality: We are an impatient nation By DHD

    In Russian culture, the idea of friendship and being open to strangers, even other Russians, is something very difficult to do.

  • How to deal with cross cultural problems? By eleven927

    With the globalization of business, growing numbers of companies are removing barriers to develop exports that accelerate benefit growth.

  • 5 steps to better education in China By MichaelM

    I post a lot about education, learning English and the schools where all of this happens. Here's a short list of 5 things that I believe should happen in Chinese education.


Tuhao for want of a better word

Tuhao took on a new meaning on the Internet over the past couple of years. Now it is used to ridicule the nouveaux riches in China who lack good taste, aesthetic sense, and social and moral values

Hohhot, a famous historic city in North China

Being one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Hohhot is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and has a long history as well as culture.

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