New model to boost South-South ties

As recognized in the joint declaration, it is this condition that will enable the two sides to get developing countries greater say in the world order.

Heroic deeds demand better reward

The compensation for the losses people incur while trying to protect others or safeguard national property should be calculated separately in the form of bills for medical treatment and property damage.

Caging corrupt 'tigers'

Nothing, perhaps, can better assure the public of a triumph over corruption than a restructured institution to place constant checks on all officials.

Properties abroad a two-edged sword

Chinese buyers should take into account factors such as exchange rate fluctuations, geographical and cultural differences, and political uncertainties before deciding to invest in real estate in overseas markets.


Meaning of wedding invitation

Nowadays, many young couples use short or online messages to invite relatives and friends to their wedding. But such utterly informal, nay impersonal way of invitation may not be considered polite or decent by many people.

Why is sex still a taboo in China?

That sex education is inadequate in China is a fact. The Chinese government has said that it is worried because an increasing number of university students are testing positive for HIV.

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