FTAs form base of regional integration

China, the Republic of Korea and Japan are holding the sixth round of talks for a trilateral free trade agreement (FTA) in Tokyo.

Lessons from Sino-Indian border issue

The Chinese and the Indian governments have demonstrated how countries with territorial disputes can safeguard their sovereignty without resorting to war.

Tobacco control a tough task

With 28.1 percent of its population aged above 15 addicted to cigarettes, China faces a tough challenge to control tobacco use.

Concern over cyclical challenges grows

The People's Bank of China has underscored the tactical focus of the government's stabilization policy,aiming to put a floor of around 7 percent on GDP growth.

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Alarming 'Credit card slavery'

China should raise the application bar by constantly improving the accuracy of their citizens' credit records.

Guiyang, my home

Guizhou province, with beautiful mountains and rivers as well as a favorable climate, is home to people of many ethnic groups.

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