'Belt and Road Initiatives' no Marshall Plan of China

The Cold War mentality and bipolar structure have no place in China's Silk Road initiatives, which are open to all countries and aim to achieve win-win results rather than regional hegemony.

More openness needed to update China-DPRK ties

China and the DPRK both should realize that when confronted with an emergency near the border that poses a threat to bilateral relations, the most sensible thing to do is to establish instant communication and discuss how to resolve the issue.

Platforms for global growth

The warm response to China's "Belt and Road Initiatives" is a direct reflection of the world's confidence in and support for China's peaceful development.

Taobao and regulator must refine e-business

The squabble between China's e-commerce giant Alibaba and the State's market regulator, caused by a product quality report, points to improved market environment and governance.

  • Why did I leave US after seven years? By Sharon Shi

    After living in the US for seven years, Sharon Shi chose to return to China and settled in Beijing with her American husband and cute daughter.

  • Lessons learned from experience By MichaelM

    Some people say that success is gained through making right decisions; right decisions come from the wisdom gained through experience.

  • To lend money to a friend By ColinSpeakman

    Would you do this? I guess the answer depends on who the friend is and how much money?

  • How a western teacher survives in China By MichaelM

    I've always chosen to be a student of human behavior. Since coming to China 3.5 years ago, I've watched the behavior of those I've come into contact with.

  • Overindulgence is poison By ysyaileen

    Loving children isn’t wrong. However, if we love them in an ultimate and unsensible way, we will receive an opposite result.

  • The three worries of 2015 By ColinSpeakman

    We hope for a better 2015 and I am an optimist. However we have not started the new year well and there are three worries that will dog us as the year progresses.


Local leaders look to quality of growth

What China currently needs is not double-digit miraculous growth, but the optimization of its economic structure and promotion of better economic quality.

Local debts not the real risk

Most debts raised by local governments and companies in China are used for investment. This is different from the debts of some countries.

Time for cheers and tears

Being a Canadian living in China for more than 10 years, I feel fortunate to share the joys of Western and Chinese festivals with my Chinese wife, friends and students

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