Better GDP growth rebuts 'China collapse' theory

After more than three decades of rapid economic growth, the Chinese government and public have both realized that pursuing growth at all costs is not good at all.

China displays soft power in MH370 search

As the frustrating, until now futile search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 wears on, some people may be wondering: How long will China continue its big and costly operation in the Indian Ocean?

Water case should be heard

If the five Lanzhou citizens have to launch their public interest suit through an organization, the obstacle they face is which organization qualifies for this role.

Internet a shot in the arm for financing

Internet financing can also create a new financial world. It has already broken the traditional segmentation of space and time, prompting more people to do business.

  • CCTV and clichés By lexalee

    As a newshound, I think their best shows are documentaries and in-depth reporting by foreign reporters and financial news programs produced outside of China.

  • A glimpse into my bucket list By queensparta

    I don’t mean to sound morbid but since I have been here I have had a few friends having to go home suddenly because they got the call every expat dreads.

  • My views on Chinese hospitals By jiewei798

    I am by no means an expert in healthcare systems; I am only speaking from my experience in my home country and in Beijing.

  • 7 soul-searching questions to ask By charles6

    Living with life is a balancing act, you need to manage yourself, look after the family, get along well with others and face reality all at the same time.

  • Debating with the Chinese By seanboyce88

    This is not, before I start, a dig at the Chinese or anything, it's not me telling anyone how to live nor is it me complaining about Chinese cultures.

  • How far behind is China? By MichaelM

    I regularly meet and discuss culture, philosophy and comparisons of lifestyle with a dean of a local university here in Henan.


Strike at the root of corruption

It is not difficult to draw up a long list of corrupt female officials who have spent huge amounts on cosmetic products and/or cosmetology.

Case study for Sino-African ties

My proposition is: for China to understand Africa and advance its interests in Africa, it needs to be exposed to the African art forms, cultures and traditions.

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