Beware of damage from nepotism

Whether it is the Old Boys network in Japan, Bhai-Bhatijabaad in India, or guanxi in China, nepotism has been writ large in Asian societies.

Battle against corruption takes time to succeed

The experiences of countries around the world show us that not all corruption campaigns are alike, and that not all of them succeed.

Vision for hukou reform

The publication of a State Council document on reform of China's household registration system, or hukou, on Wednesday marks the beginning of a phase, in which the long discussed vision of a fairer system will gradually materialize.

Caging top 'tiger' invites call for deeper reform

The news that Zhou Yongkang is now under investigation is of great importance not just for China, but also in a global context.


Word quiz nothing but a temporary fad

People have signed up to take part in the word game because they are curious to know what the uncommon words mean, not because they have suddenly become desperate to deepen their knowledge about ancient Chinese words.

Avoid fast food, protect health

The Husi expired meat scandal has kept away many diners from fast food outlets, dealing a deadly blow to fast food chains.

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