Consumption tops agenda

China has to maintain a healthy level of growth as the global economy wanders into the post-QE territory, which is full of uncertainties because the impact of QE is not yet clear.

Loneliest day for the only superpower

There has been at least one day in each of the past 23 years when the United States has been the most isolated country in the world.

Fine law for good governance

The credibility crisis of the country's judicial officials and institutions is the outcome of the accumulation of their misdeeds.

Merger boost to high-speed trains

The country's two biggest train-makers are expected to merge soon to become a multi-billion-dollar giant to better serve China's "going out" policy for its high-speed railways.

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    I’ve always wanted to write something about my beloved father, but had no idea what to say. I have checked photos that I took with him and found day-by-day he is getting older.

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    Since Apple products entered the global market, some Apple fans have been extremely crazy about iPads or iPhones.

  • Second-hand husbands By eddieturkson

    Not a new topic though, but with a twist and turn. I have done no standardized empirical research and so the assumptions here are solely based on my skewed observation and opinionated thoughts on the middle class in China.

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    Travel is an essential part of everyday life in western countries. Every time you go out, you will come across families.

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  • My love affair with Wuhan city By eddieturkson

    Wuhan is a beautiful city and anyone who has lived there for more than a year would testify to that.


Inspect online eateries' kitchens

Some people have complained that the kitchens of some take-out restaurants operating online are dirty and messy, accusing a few of them of even using expired food products and ingredients.

Wuyi County, a city of hot springs

The history of Wuyi County can be traced back to the eighth year of Wu Chiwu, the Three Kingdoms period. The geographic layout of Wuyi County displays the pattern that "80% is mountains, 15% fields and 5% water".

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