Official deserves disciplinary warning for accepting apples without paying

In the past several years, many high-level corrupt officials have already been caught, but the number of low-level corrupt officials remains large, and society is too tolerant of them. Therefore, it is important that the disciplinary departments strengthen their efforts to eradicate corruption at lower levels as well.

Workers have to adapt to use of robots

For many, the question still is: If robots take the place of workers, where will the workers go?

Downing of jet must not derail anti-terror fight

This is the time to shelve old feuds and deepen strategic mutual trust in order to succeed in what is likely to be a long battle to eliminate terrorism.

Savior becoming a threat, but that is preventable

It is difficult to imagine a world without effective antibiotics, but that is where we are headed without firm action now to preserve the power of existing antibiotics.

  • Trust and fear in Chinese education By TedM

    Many teachers in China must do as they are told and achieve high results with their students or face deduction of salary or dismissal.

  • I'm not fluff By teamkrejados

    I know what this school hired me to do; they hired me to be fluff. They hired me to be panache.

  • The inscrutable Chinese By KIyer

    This article is based on some stereotypes of Western and Eastern people that are generalizations. I believe individuals should be judged for what they are.

  • 7 reasons why I love China By MichaelM

    I've been in China long enough to see the good and the bad. It isn't hard to balance it all out and realize that the good far outweighs the bad. Here are 7 reasons why 'I love China.'

  • Trip to Xinjiang By Anming

    There are powerful sentences you might come across when living in China. One of them is: China is too big.

  • Don't go to Harvard By MichaelM

    Most Chinese students who have a dream to study at a highly prestigious university in America have their eyes set on the likes of Harvard, Princeton or perhaps Stanford.


Abusive teachers should not escape penalty

All the first-year pupils in Yuhan Primary School in Linyi, East China's Shandong province, were instructed to hit themselves in the face 100 times by their teacher.

School's discrimination illegal

Prejudice still exists against those known to be infected with the virus, leading to discrimination in employment, education, medical treatment and daily life.

Americans and Chinese view dating very differently

Communication style is hardest to adapt to. Americans are honest and open with our thoughts and feelings, but I think many Chinese tend to not say what they think and remain silent if there's a disagreement.

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