China needs to exercise caution over combating IS

Should China join the US-led alliance against the Islamic State extremists, the terrorist group plundering northern Iraq and nearby regions?

Let Mideast people solve their region's problems

It is best to leave the IS problem for the people of Middle East to deal with. Other countries' involvement in the Middle East will only make things worse.

Beijing's steadfast support

President Xi Jinping reaffirmed continuity of the central government's Hong Kong policy and its support for advancing democracy the SAR.

Should China help fight IS?

Beijing has emerged as a global player, but is it a wise choice for China to join the United States in its battle against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria?

  • Journey to South Asia By Laxmi Lamsal

    Why are developed nations now looking to the least-developed “virgin” nations? There are a lot of areas open to exploration by sharp minds and technologies.

  • China' s tie with triad in South Asia By Cai shen

    As the world’s largest populated and second largest economy, China holds 14 neighbors with different political aspects and geographical structures.

  • President Xi to visit South Asia By Colin Speakman

    President Xi will visit three South Asian countries starting on 11 September, 2014, in alphabetical order these are India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

  • Sino-Indian relationship strengthens

    China and India are the emerging economies of the most populous region in Asia. Both have long-standing economic ties and China regards India as an important trade and economic partner.

  • A warm Indian welcome to a neighbor By KIyer

    India will welcome the visiting head of a friendly, good, neighboring family. I hope it is a traditional Indian welcome - the way we welcome friends and neighbors.

  • Chinese traffic laws: a joke By MichaelM

    I've been studying the more than 1,000 traffic laws required to pass the written driver's license exam in China. The testing process is quite incredible.


Chinese characters face crisis

The problem that people, especially youths, are having with writing Chinese characters is becoming a threat to Chinese language and culture.

Taizhou, a peaceful and prosperous city

Living in this city, what makes me so proud of it is not only its history as a famous historical city, but also its bright future as a thriving modern city.

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