Beijing could help fix US infrastructure

Chinese investment could soon help the US fix its infrastructure problems, such as by building high-speed rails and repairing potholes in New York and Washington.

Inclusive growth vital for Asia-Pacific region

It is essential for governments to launch integrated and well-designed packages of inclusive policies to boost opportunities for decent employment and job security.

Abe still playing his games over history

Japan is under unprecedented pressure from both the region and the entire world to squarely face up to its past

'Go global' strategy to boost manufacturing

Chinese enterprises should take into account the economic condition, real demand and technical standards of their destination market.

  • China has given my life a purpose By teamkrejados

    Since raising my kids, my life did not feel very purposeful. These past few years, teaching English have been so. Thank you, China, for allowing me a purposeful life.

  • Critics can keep you sharp By MichaelM

    Have you ever had a colleague who really gets under your skin? It seems that every time you have any interaction with them, they say or do something that nearly sends you through the roof?

  • Still learning lessons after years of teaching By DaqingDevil

    When I first started classes at Three Bridges English School I was pretty nervous. I took advice from the more experienced teachers and presented classes as best I could.

  • Should I tell my students the truth? By teamkrejados

    Most of my students, and indeed almost anyone I've met since arriving in China, has averred they've built their perception of life in America on what they see in movies and TV.

  • Whiter vs darker: what is beautiful? By kellivschina

    The sun is out and the week has been deliciously warm. In the US, this means that all the women put on their tank tops and sunglasses.

  • The feeling of being a foreigner By IncredibleChina

    There were times when I was scared to venture out on my own. The fear of getting lost was not an easy one to overcome.


Traffic rules must be enforced

Compliance with the traffic laws and regulations must be enforced, the rule of law also applies to roads.

Hangzhou, paradise on earth

Located along the southeast coast of China, Hangzhou is the capital of Zhengjiang province. With a history of 2,200 years, it is one of the ancient capitals of China and famous for its ancient heritage.

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