Cutting-edge healthcare system possible

I strongly believe that China will once again lead the way with cutting-edge healthcare reform that puts the patient first and improves the health and well-being of one in every six people in the world.

Narrow mindset may distort patriotism

We want Chinese people to be patriotic, but not in such a silly way.

Trump nomination another symptom of discontent

With his unabashed racist remarks and determined political incorrectness, Donald Trump is riding a wave of protest against political establishment toward the White House.

Chilcot report a warning against US designs

The report, however, does not comment on the legality of the conflict, which was waged without the authorization of the United Nations Security Council.

  • Where we went and what we did

    Now that I've gotten nearly all of the horror out of my system about Dallas and Nice, I shall resume my trip with Gary and Mask where I left off: the giant crater. It was the most exciting part of the trip. Well, as far as sights we saw go, anyway.

  • Shanxi harmony taste By François de la Chevalerie

    For many foreigners residing in China, a question arises constantly: what are the timeless sources of inspiration and guidance of China? Behind this question looms a second one, how this country works?

  • Brexit: The failure of the European elite By Chevalerie

    First, I shall beware of giving a definitive comment on the British vote. The democratic system ensures that each one is able to participate to vote at its sole discretion. What had to happen finally happened, ineluctable destiny, that's all!

  • Quality of Chinese healthcare By MichaelM

    Two days ago, I returned home from a 13 day stay in the hospital in Zhengzhou. I was admitted to Central Hospital of Zhengzhou on June 3. I had surgery the next morning and another one 10 days later.

  • My best friend in China: 35th anniversary of China Daily By sube

    China Daily is like a friend who stays with me in every mood in my life. If I am happy, I can write a blog and if I am upset, I can enjoy what others have said and let my feelings go away.

  • China Daily, 35 years on: my memories By aixi

    I first discovered China Daily a few years ago. It was my first visit to China, and I was waiting for my tour guide to arrive.


Will the Philippines now walk the talk?

Bringing the issue back to the negotiation table is in the interests of all parties, and it is up to the Philippines to show the willingness to carry it out.

China Daily, 35 years on: your memories

To celebrate the 35 anniversary of China Daily, we are inviting readers from all around the world to share with us their special story. The story could center on anything about you and China Daily.

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