Allow vendors to peddle their ware

Keeping the streets clean is essential. But should it be done at the cost of denying vendors their livelihood?

Zero tolerance for plagiarism

Teachers who check students' papers strictly should be encouraged to continue to do so, instead of being pressured into adopting a lenient stance.

Scandal shows scale of problem

It is shocking to learn that Husi Food, a Shanghai food distribution company that supplies meat to international fast-food giants, such as McDonald's and KFC, has been supplying unsafe products.

Western media expose their prejudice

The Western media tried to sensationalize the so-called spy incident shows that opinions are divided in the US over improving military ties with China.


Netizens use humor, come of age

A young traffic policeman in Sichuan province who took off his shirt while confronting a man for having violated traffic rules has been praised by netizens for his courage and commitment.

High-speed train tickets a problem

I hope the railway authorities would consider allowing tourists, especially overseas Chinese like me, the option of booking tickets for high-speed trains from self-ticketing machines.

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