A Nobody Can Be Somebody

Six years have passed since that Children’s Day. If I haven’t by chance reviewed the pictures taken then, I would have forgotten that Ian had been involved in such a campaign.

Infectious love and kindness

Love is powerful, and kindness is sunshine. Jacob and Sarah help poor children because they are deeply moved by them.

Security threats call for Asia to come together

Rather than military prowess, it will be agreements achieved through dialogue and mutual trust that will guarantee long-term peace and security in Asia.

Japan can improve ties only if it is honest

Although open to bilateral meetings, China believes that both sides should take a step back before the negotiation falls into a game of pointing fingers.

  • My best friend in China: 35th anniversary of China Daily By sube

    China Daily is like a friend who stays with me in every mood in my life. If I am happy, I can write a blog and if I am upset, I can enjoy what others have said and let my feelings go away.

  • China Daily, 35 years on: my memories By aixi

    I first discovered China Daily a few years ago. It was my first visit to China, and I was waiting for my tour guide to arrive.

  • My vision for a smog-free China By eddieturkson

    I’ve lived in China for quite a considerable time including my graduate school years, travelled and worked in a few cities and still choose my destination taking into consideration the density of smog or PM2.5 particulate matter in the region.

  • One day on earth: my date with Teresa Teng By Chevalerie

    One beautiful evening in Paris, in 1992, I had the outstanding privilege of meeting the wonderful Chinese singer, Mrs. Deng Lijun (Teresa Teng) at sunset. She has such a beautiful voice, and brings tremendous technique, taste and intelligence to each of her love songs.

  • Why I continue to teach in China By MichaelM

    I've been in China for almost four and a half years now, teaching more than 4,000 classes and nearly as many students. It’s given me experiences I'll never forget.

  • My study abroad in the UK By Maierwei

    After a lengthy visa application procedure, I was ready for my first lengthy stay in Europe. I left my dog with my father, jumped on a flight, and there I was, in London, UK.


Hangzhou traffic officers set example

A lot of people remarked when forwarding the video that the officers did their duty with humble hearts, and their actions showed their dedication to their job.

First quarter data an encouraging sign

China's 6.7 percent GDP growth rate in the first quarter of this year suggests the second-largest economy is firmly moving toward sustainable growth.

China Daily, 35 years on: your memories

To celebrate the 35 anniversary of China Daily, we are inviting readers from all around the world to share with us their special story. The story could center on anything about you and China Daily.

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