Car-hailing services in for a bumpy ride

The regulators should open up the industry more as competition will force the traditional taxi operators to improve their efficiency.

Govt responsible for building healthy pension system for migrant workers

The current problems lie in the fact that pension funds are distributed by provincial governments.

Ending poverty needs sustainable planning

The efficiency of anti-poverty efforts will be a test of not just our wisdom but also of our management capability and integrity.

Rise of robots in China's manufacturing

Potential users of robots will obviously assess the benefits of using robots rather than human workers and may decide it is not cost-effective to use robots.

  • Is America portraying a false image? By teamkrejados

    How can anyone look at that picture and believe all is well in America? That the people are safe, happy, prosperous and well-intentioned?

  • Made in China By rkn

    It’s innovative, it’s economical, it’s got quality, and it’s made in China. From electrical appliances to bags, toys, dresses, even foodstuffs, made in China products are part of our everyday life.

  • A dream comes true in Urumqi By François de la Chevalerie

    Taking a close look at the people in the streets is an exciting show, the best way to grasp the soul of a city.

  • Reverse culture shock By kellivschina

    Before returning home to the US this summer, people warned me I might experience "reverse culture shock". After living in China for a year there were things about home that surprised me.

  • The man with a plan By teamkrejados

    When he first came to China, things were a lot more lax - both in this country and in the world. Obtaining official documents was nowhere near as rigorous as it is today.

  • America is to blame By MichaelM

    A recent post that went viral on Chinese social media outlet, WeChat, stated that America is at fault for the recent downfall of the Chinese stock market.


School's discrimination illegal

Prejudice still exists against those known to be infected with the virus, leading to discrimination in employment, education, medical treatment and daily life.

Americans and Chinese view dating very differently

Communication style is hardest to adapt to. Americans are honest and open with our thoughts and feelings, but I think many Chinese tend to not say what they think and remain silent if there's a disagreement.

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