Racism against China hurts Australia

When I studied at the University of Sydney in 2009 for a master's degree in media, I was surprised by the interest ordinary Australians had in China.

Ferguson reveals US police's true colors

My question to the United States is: Will you allow another generation of black and brown children to grow up fearing those who've sworn an oath to protect them?

Unaffordable welfare abuse

It has been reported that in central china's Hunan province, low-rent housing, a welfare that the government provides for low-income families, has become a means some people use to make money.

Mental health needs are an emergency

China has a large number of mentally ill patients, to treat whom it does not have adequate services and enough trained personnel.


Bright future ahead for Net dramas

It seems Internet dramas are set to attract more investments and talents, and could offer a wide variety of stories to the audience.

Qingtian: A mountainous city known for its stone

Due to a lack of farmland which accounts for only 5 per cent of its total area, the early people of Qingtian County found it difficult to survive but luckily they had another precious gift from nature--Qingtian stone.

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