Abe's 'three arrows' miss targets

Japan has to look beyond the failed Abenomics and carry out structural reforms to revive the country's economic health.

A tough task to cap emissions by around 2030

Now that China has signed a landmark deal with the United States setting targets for carbon emissions out to 2030, it should plan the trajectory of its low-carbon path for the next 16 years.

No safe haven for the corrupt

Seeking asylum overseas with the wealth they have illicitly accumulated will likely not be so easy for corrupt officials in the near future.

US violates Chinese sovereignty in HK

The emergence of China as a significantly influential nation in world affairs is opposed by the doctrine that the US must remain the sole super power.

  • Top pay for a foreign teacher By MichaelM

    I received an email from another foreign teacher today that was quite interesting. He said, "I heard that you are the top paid foreign teacher in Henan. Is that true?

  • Critical thinking, an ability students need By Judy_Zhu

    The education I received is responsible. Being aware of a problem does not mean that we know how to solve it. The question is what causes the absence of creativity?

  • Dilemma in single life By Cai Shen

    The idea of getting married was one of my dreams and it usually fascinated me since I first understood the concept of it.

  • Top 10 kinds of foreigners in China By SharkMinnow

    Having lived in China pretty much my entire adult life, I have seen many foreigners come and go over the years.

  • Do you write to make a difference? By ampraxu123

    Recently I have been busy with my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) job, and I have learned lots of basic and profound skills in doing it by reading some professional books.

  • Love to the bones By eddieturkson

    Interracial marriages are becoming more and more popular in China. And as China opens up further, discussions such as this would be pointless.


Respect students' choice of major

Parents and teachers should respect students' right to choose the subjects they want to study in college.

Guiyang, my home

Guizhou province, with beautiful mountains and rivers as well as a favorable climate, is home to people of many ethnic groups.

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