HK awaits vital year in constitutional reform

This year will go down as an eventful one for Hong Kong. What started as a misreading of Beijing's "One Country, Two Systems" policy for Hong Kong culminated in raucous "Occupy Central" protests.

Time to end higher education 'elite cult'

Debates over "985" and "211", two official higher education programs, continue after education authorities decided to "weaken" them instead of canceling them altogether.

Truth reveals judicial holes

Without finding out the entire truth about this tragedy and having the judicial loopholes plugged, there is no way to prevent similar injustices in the future.

Where will PM Abe take Japan now?

Abe remains the leader of his party and his country. But very few can imagine him winning a single popularity contest anywhere in the neighborhood of East Asia.

  • God save native English speakers By eddieturkson

    I chose the title God save English native speakers simply because the phrase “native English speakers” has become synonymous with all Caucasians (whites).

  • My life with a blog in 2014 By Judy_zhu

    I've been thinking about writing an article to summarize my life in the past year, 2014, and I saw the topic popping out yesterday. What a wonderful coincidence!

  • Tired of shopping By lexalee

    News outlets were probably inspired by the Alibaba IPO earlier this fall, and the company would like nothing more than to inspire Americans to open their wallets as widely as Chinese do for November 11.

  • Cheating and dishonest people damage China’s reputation By MichaelM

    Since coming to China I've met some very kind, nice and honest people. However, there are those who will cheat you with little or no concern for their own reputation.

  • The only way China will ever be No.1 By MichaelM

    There are a lot of measurements of the greatness or power of a country. The GDP can be accurately reported. The per capita income can be determined.

  • Why foreigners come to China By seanboyce88

    The question is always asked of foreigners "why did you come to China" and there is a perception that our countries are infinitely superior to China.


Change concept of filial piety

Fulfilling filial responsibilities is easier said than done. And meeting all the requirements of filial piety has become all the more difficult in these postmodern times.

Wase Town by Erhai Lake

Many people are familiar with Dali and Shuanglang, two famous scenic spots in Yunnan Province, for Dali is a romantic city and Shuanglang is famous for its beautiful scenery as a pristine fishing village.

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