Interaction key for think tanks

China needs more high-quality think tanks to contribute their wisdom to help the government and Communist Party of China solve these challenges.

Harbingers of a fairer global financial system

The change in the attitude of most Western powers toward the China-proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank can only be termed dramatic.

AIIB complementary to existing institutions

The AIIB thus ushers in a new perspective for its stakeholders to better benefit from Asia's development and build a future of common development with countries in the region.

Chinese tourists must act like envoys abroad

What is appropriate and of how to a large degree Chinese tourists' behaviors will influence how the world views China.

  • One Belt, One Road for foreigners By kellivschina

    I’ve never been “that person” who is always trying to get friends’ opinion on the latest political happenings. I don’t usually find myself in political conversations.

  • The best and the worst in one day By MichaelM

    If you've followed my story about recent events, you already know. But, if you haven't, let me recap several things.

  • Football should do it the football way By Tania_Sole

    Once more senior Chinese officials have decided that the nation must invest in its youth football programs.

  • Zhengzhou, my Chinese home By MichaelM

    When I first heard the name of the city I now call "home", I couldn't pronounce it. Of course I didn't understand Pinyin pronunciation at the time as I do now.

  • Poor funeral directors By teamkrejados

    In a recently released report it was disclosed that funeral workers in China are among the most psychologically distressed groups, with nearly half the workers suffering some form of depression.

  • My Chinese Green Card, when are you due? By eddieturkson

    With the growing domination of China and its quest to further promote its opening-up policies, increasing numbers of foreigners are willing to stay in China.


Officials' inertia intolerable

The punishments meted out to some government employees for "idleness" shows a positive change in the authorities' attitude toward how to assess officials' performance.

Hangzhou, paradise on earth

Located along the southeast coast of China, Hangzhou is the capital of Zhengjiang province. With a history of 2,200 years, it is one of the ancient capitals of China and famous for its ancient heritage.

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