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Children's books going out well

[2014-08-31 12:38]

Chinese Children's books have been steadily gaining global popularity in the recent years.

China launches birth defects research

[2014-08-29 15:18]

Chinese experts on Friday kicked off a research project looking into birth defects and genetic disorders, as 900,000 babies are born with mental or physical disabilities each year in the country.

Chinese scientists successfully infect mouse with hepatitis C

[2014-08-28 19:47]

Scientists have successfully infected a lab mouse with chronic hepatitis C, opening doors to better study the virus' effect on humans.

Microsoft 'not fully open with sales data'

[2014-08-27 06:57]

A Chinese antitrust regulator said on Tuesday that Microsoft Corp has not been fully transparent with its sales data on the software it distributes in China, including information on sales of its media player and web browser software.

China makes progress in brain-computer interface study

[2014-08-26 14:20]

Chinese scientists have made progress in brain-computer interface research after a successful experiment on an epilepsy patient.

Tech firms pushing portable Wi-Fi

[2014-08-26 06:52]

Technology companies are looking hard at the promising portable Wi-Fi services market to meet the high-speed Internet demands of increasing numbers of Chinese heading overseas.

Regional qualification match for World Robot Olympiad held in Beijing

[2014-08-22 10:11]

A robot takes part in an object-lifting game during a regional qualification match for the 16th World Robot Olympiad in Beijing, capital of China, Aug 21, 2014.

China launches HD Earth observation satellite

[2014-08-19 15:45]

China successfully launched a high-definition Earth observation satellite into orbit on Tuesday, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND).

US dominates Chinese world university rankings

[2014-08-19 14:27]

US universities dominated the top 20 in an annual ranking of global educational institutions released by a Chinese organisation Friday, with Harvard remaining in first place ahead of Stanford.

China, France collaborate on virus research lab

[2014-08-18 16:08]

China and France are jointly constructing a top-level biosafety lab in Wuhan, Hubei province, which will facilitate scientific research into dangerous viruses such as Ebola.

Arctic expedition team conducts scientific study

[2014-08-13 11:22]

China Arctic expedition team carries out study in the North Pole.

Submersible Jiaolong returns to home port

[2014-08-12 14:54]

Jiaolong, China's manned deep-sea submersible, returned Tuesday to Jiangyin of coastal Jiangsu province after a 52-day scientific expedition in the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

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