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Technology offers fattest pay packet

[2015-08-31 07:49]

Growing enthusiasm for the "Internet Plus" drive - a new business model combining the Internet with traditional industries - also is translating into higher paying jobs for those majoring in technology at universities.

All certified GM foods on market 'are safe'

[2015-08-29 07:17]

China has established a safety supervision system that covers the complete chain of GM products, including research, production and trading.

China launches Yaogan-27 remote sensing satellite

[2015-08-27 16:00]

China's Yaogan-27 remote sensing satellite was sent into space on Thursday at 10:31 am Beijing Time, from Taiyuan launch site in Shanxi province, north China.

Key parts added to massive radio telescope

[2015-08-26 07:45]

The installation of reflectors on the world's largest radio telescope has begun, marking the start of a final key stage of the telescope's construction.

Startups vie for cash at festival

[2015-08-26 07:45]

The first Zhongguancun International Startups Festival kicked off in Beijing's Haidian district, in the hope of developing a Davos-like forum for innovators and startups in the capital's Internet hub.

Scientists ponder exoskeletons

[2015-08-24 07:25]

Chinese experts are developing exoskeleton that can help climb mountains with 30kg of gear or punch through a wall without breaking a sweat.

China investing big in scientific research

[2015-08-21 21:04]

China's National Natural Science Foundation has funded 37,606 programs with an investment of 18.35 billion yuan (about 2.87 billion U.S. dollars) since the start of 2015, accounting for 80.2 percent of this year's funding plan.

Former Google staffers find success with IT company in Beijing

[2015-08-21 16:22]

Jeremy Zhou quit his job at Google in the US in 2008 with a vision to start his own IT company in China. Last year, with some bumps in the road, that vision became a reality. Today, with two other former Google staffers at his side, Zhou is basking in triumph.

Beidou positioning system adopted in parade training

[2015-08-21 16:03]

"Beidou highly accurate orientation and measurement technology," part of China's indigenous positioning system, has been used in training for the upcoming high-profile parade in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

185 orders signed for MA-700 aircraft

[2015-08-19 07:45]

China's national aircraft manufacturer has received orders for 185 MA-700s from 11 domestic and foreign buyers.

Chinese surgeon uses 3D printing to map out difficult heart surgery

[2015-08-18 16:49]

Doctors in east China's Jiangsu Province recently used a 3D-printed heart to plan a surgery for a nine-month old baby with congenital heart disease.

Beidou satellites begin autonomous operation in space

[2015-08-14 10:08]

After more than 10 days in space, China's 19th Beidou navigation satellite is working autonomously and has set up a link with another satellite.

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