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Top court upholds dismissal of Qihoo 360 lawsuit

[2014-10-17 07:08]

A high-profile, four-year battle between two Chinese Internet and technology giants has ended as China's top court dismissed Qihoo 360's anti-monopoly lawsuit against Tencent Inc.

Technologies pave way to energy-efficient buildings

[2014-10-17 09:13]

Seven Chinese construction projects have been selected as energy-efficient examples by news site China Economic Net in Beijing on Oct 16 as the nation seeks ways to keep economic growth while spending fewer natural resources.

Apple returns to court over patent dispute

[2014-10-17 07:08]

Technology giant Apple returned to court on Thursday in an administrative dispute with China's intellectual property authority.

Chinese scientist proposes new scientific satellites

[2014-10-15 20:57]

A Chinese scientist has proposed a series of satellites to monitor "global change," or planetary-scale changes concerning the Earth.

Virus might kill cancer cells without harming other cells

[2014-10-14 19:27]

A virus known as M1 could kill cancer cells without harming normal cells, a study by Professor Yan Guangmei of Zhongshan School of Medicine under the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, has found.

Chan to cast minor roles via cellphone app

[2014-10-14 19:23]

Hong Kong director Gordon Chan plans to use a cellphone app to cast some roles in his new film, Mei Ah Entertainment announced on Oct 14 in Beijing.

China announces breakthrough in zebrafish gene study

[2014-10-11 09:39]

All 1,333 genes on Chromosome 1 of the zebrafish, which has 85 percent genetic similarity to human beings, have been knocked out by a team of Chinese scientists.

Hybrid rice yields break records

[2014-10-10 19:36]

Hybrid rice production recently hit a record high, reaching 1,026.7 kilograms per mu (0.0667 hectare), the Ministry of Agriculture said on Friday.

Chinese scientists achieve breakthrough in stem cells study

[2014-10-10 14:24]

Chinese scientists have succeeded in the world's first trial of converting monkey primed-induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into a naive state, a breakthrough in the stem cells field.

2 Americans, 1 German win Chemistry Nobel

[2014-10-08 18:35]

Two Americans and a German won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for finding ways to make microscopes more powerful than previously thought possible.

China to launch new marine surveillance satellites in 2019

[2014-10-08 16:30]

China will launch a new "constellation" of marine surveillance satellites in 2019 to monitor ships, oil rigs, marine disasters and land-based resources.

High-tech system exposes jaywalkers who ignore red light

[2014-10-08 07:41]

Pedestrians who cross the road when the light is red now risk the embarrassment of having their pictures displayed publicly on a screen.

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