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Senior officer expects moon visit by 2036

[2016-04-29 08:09]

China plans to send astronauts to the moon before 2036, a senior People's Liberation Army officer said in the country's first confirmation of a manned lunar exploration program.

NASA views China as 'potential partner' in civilian space

[2016-04-28 10:29]

US space agency NASA views China as a "potential partner," not a threat, in the civilian space area, said its head Charles Bolden.

China develops graphene electronic paper

[2016-04-27 21:27]

China has developed a new electronic paper, a huge breakthrough that will catapult the material to a new level.

Chinese sounding rocket launches

[2016-04-27 15:55]

Chinese scientists launched a sounding rocket from south China's Hainan Province in the early hours of Wednesday.

Experiments envision HIV immunity

[2016-04-27 08:07]

Chinese scientists are working on new projects inspired by the documented case of a man who was cured of AIDS. They hope eventually find a way to ensure that humans are born with immunity to the disease.

Li calls for integrated innovation

[2016-04-26 07:59]

Premier Li Keqiang encouraged Chinese engineers on Monday to develop integrated innovations by going abroad to absorb advanced technologies.

China open to Sino-US space cooperation

[2016-04-25 09:34]

China is open to space cooperation with all nations including the US, the heavyweights of China's space program said on Sunday.

China aiming for reusable manned spacecraft: Chief engineer

[2016-04-24 19:21]

China is studying how to retrieve and reuse manned spacecraft in its future missions, the chief engineer of the nation's manned space program said on Sunday.

Five momerable moments in China's space probe

[2016-04-23 10:01]

Chinese government approved on March 21 that China will celebrate its National Day of Space Flight every year on April 24, the day when China's first satellite was successfully launched.

Probe of Mars set for 2020

[2016-04-23 01:45]

Xu Dazhe, head of the National Space Administration says an unmanned probe to Mars will be sent to orbit and land on the Red Planet in 2020.

China to explore Mars in 2020

[2016-04-22 20:19]

China's first independent Mars exploration program has been approved by the central authorities, said an official of the China National Space Administration.

China to become aerospace power by 2030

[2016-04-22 19:52]

China aims to become a global aerospace power by 2030, said Xu Dazhe, director of the China National Space Administration, on Friday.

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