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Chinese scientists discover therapy to child obesity

[2015-07-27 10:57]

A research team led by Chinese scientists have discovered dietary modulation of gut microbiota can alleviate both genetic and simple obesity in children.

Beidou navigation system moves a step closer to global coverage

[2015-07-27 07:43]

With the launch of two navigation satellites on Saturday, China made another solid step toward building it's own positioning system with global coverage, a leading scientist said on Sunday.

China begins putting together radio telescope

[2015-07-25 08:08]

China has started assembling the world's largest radio telescope, which will have a dish the size of 30 soccer fields when completed, Xinhua News Agency reported.

China tests new carrier rocket

[2015-07-24 22:05]

Chinese scientists on Friday successfully tested the power system of a Long March-5 carrier rocket scheduled for flight in 2016.

Nearly 80 percent of Internet users suffer identity leaks

[2015-07-24 17:20]

China's online users incurred a loss of $13 billion over the past year due to leak of personal information, junk messages and fraud.

Earth-like planet announcement diappoints Web users

[2015-07-24 16:11]

The disappointment comes from the fact that Kepler 452b is 1,400 light years away, making interstellar migration virtually impossible.

Study helps kids with obesity gene

[2015-07-23 07:39]

A research team has successfully helped children with Prader-Willi Syndrome, a kind of hereditary obesity, lose weight by improving the bacterial flora in their gastrointestinal tract.

New GM rice 'can cut greenhouse emission'

[2015-07-23 14:10]

Scientists from China, Sweden and the United States have developed a high-yielding rice that can reduce methane emissions from paddies.

White-hat hackers in high demand for Internet security skills

[2015-07-23 07:39]

Yang Wei is so good at solving thorny online security problems, and so in demand, that he hasn't had any rest over the past two months.

Experts eye underground problems

[2015-07-21 07:51]

Defense radar seeks out broken pipes and illegal basements to help city administrators

Hefei looks to become China's robot hub

[2015-07-20 22:05]

A total of 175 robot teams from 47 different countries and regions are competing in the 19th RoboCup World Championships in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui province.

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