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Satellite industry set to hit new heights

[2016-05-30 21:09]

China is likely to be building and supplying at least 10 percent of the world's satellites by 2020, according to a leading space researcher.

China launches new satellite for civilian hi-res mapping

[2016-05-30 15:27]

China launched a new civilian high-resolution mapping satellite on Monday from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi province.

CRRC unveils China's first high-tech monorail train powered by magnet motors

[2016-05-30 07:57]

China's largest train manufacturer has developed the country's first monorail train powered by permanent magnet synchronous motors, marking a breakthrough in efforts to boost rail transit innovation.

Innovation may play key G20 role

[2016-05-27 07:36]

The G20 summit in China later this year is expected to see blueprints mapped out for such goals as innovation-driven growth, structural reforms, guiding global trade and anti-corruption, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday.

Chang'e 5 lunar probe to land on Moon and return in 2017

[2016-05-27 07:35]

It will be the first time a Chinese probe will land on the Moon, collect samples and return to Earth, according to officials.

AIAA awards Chinese scientist its top prize

[2016-05-26 11:42]

A Chinese scientist won a top prize on ground testing from a US leading institution recently, demonstrating China's great strides in the aerospace study.

China to launch world's first quantum satellite in July

[2016-05-23 10:56]

The world’s first satellite that can achieve quantum communication between the space and the Earth will be launched in July, says expert.

Beidou promotion targets Arab states

[2016-05-20 08:09]

China will strive to promote its Beidou Navigation Satellite System in Arab states, according to a senior official with the Beidou program.

China to launch 30 Beidou navigation satellites in next 5 years

[2016-05-19 20:23]

China plans to launch 30 Beidou navigation satellites during the 13th five-year plan period (2016-2020), capping its three-step strategy to build a global navigation system by 2020.

Scientist finds possible cure for baldness through genetic repair

[2016-05-19 16:26]

A Chinese scientist has discovered a genome-editing technique that has the potential to help bald men regain their hair.

Beidou additions to benefit Belt, Road countries

[2016-05-19 03:53]

About 30 satellites will be launched by the end of 2020 for Beidou Navigation Satellite System, which will also help neighboring countries.

China-made cup to help lower infant mortality

[2016-05-18 20:11]

More than 800,000 children in less-developed countries could be prevented from dying thanks to a feeding cup made in China.

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