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Race to near space: Superfast flight

[2016-09-27 08:05]

Chinese aerospace researchers are pushing the limits in a new sphere - near space - which promises superfast vehicles for passengers, business and military use.

Documentary traces apple's origin to China

[2016-09-27 08:02]

A documentary broadcast on Monday traces the origins of the apple to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, quashing the popularly held Chinese belief that they were introduced to the country from the West.

Science collaboration to improve food security

[2016-09-26 19:09]

The Chinese Academy of Sciences-John Innes Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Science, which brought three world-leading laboratories from the UK and China together, was officially inaugurated on Saturday in Shanghai.

Frontier technologies, the next big leap forward

[2016-09-26 13:47]

Frontier technologies was the hottest buzzword as China's top angel investors and venture capitalists gathered at the 2016 Demo China Autumn Summit in Hangzhou last week.

Beijing is China's Silicon Valley, says co-founder of billion-yuan fund

[2016-09-26 10:04]

Clad in a pink polo T-shirt and jeans, 50- something angel investor Li Zhu carefully proofreads the script of his speech with an employee at a press room during the 2016 DEMO China in Hangzhou last week.

Giant telescope provides path to fun, profit

[2016-09-26 08:17]

As the world's largest single-aperture radio telescope for scanning the universe - China's FAST - made its debut on Sunday, the local government rolled out its own grand vision for high-end tourism. It takes the form of tourism, with ticket prices as high as 668 yuan ($100).

China's big dish will gather data, listen for alien life

[2016-09-26 08:17]

China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, known as FAST, may provide understanding of the origin and structure of the universe, and accelerate and even revolutionize the search for life beyond Earth, a renowned US theorist on alien intelligence said on Saturday.

Tiangong-2 space lab enters preset orbit for docking with manned spacecraft

[2016-09-26 07:52]

Chinese scientists on Sunday maneuvered the country's Tiangong-2 space lab to a preset orbit 393 kilometers above Earth's surface, in preparation for a planned docking with the Shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft set to launch next month.

World's largest telescope begins peering into space

[2016-09-26 01:59]

President Xi Jinping sends a congratulatory letter to scientists, engineers and builders who contributed to its creation.

Xi commends launch of world's largest radio telescope in China

[2016-09-25 22:31]

Xi sends a congratulatory letter to scientists, engineers and builders as the world's largest radio telescope was put into use in Guizhou.

Scientific experiment apparatus on Tiangong-2 put into operation

[2016-09-24 12:37]

Scientific apparatus carried by Tiangong-2 began operational at around 6:41 pm Thursday Beijing Time after being on standby mode for nearly seven days since the space lab entered its preset orbit on Sept 15.

Beijing envisions future as top technology center

[2016-09-24 07:42]

Beijing aims to become one of the world's influential technology centers by 2020, a senior official said on Friday.

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