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China military urges strengthened inspection

[2014-12-22 16:51]

Central Military Commission urges reinforced inspection efforts following its anti-graft drive across the seven military area commands.

China mulls national security law

[2014-12-22 16:29]

China's top legislature started reading a draft national security law on Monday, which aims to be a "comprehensive, overall and fundamental piece of legislation" to safeguard state security.

Bo Xilai's luxury French villa for sale at $8m

[2014-12-22 16:01]

A lavish villa owned by former Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai has been put up for sale for more than 6.95 million euros ($8.5 million).

Exhibition shows power of the Communist Manifesto

[2014-12-22 09:06]

Many versions of Communist Manifesto exhibited

China to send first infantry battalion for UN peacekeeping

[2014-12-22 15:21]

China's first infantry battalion to South Sudan is set for departure, marking the country's first infantry to participate in a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

China mulls new law to regulate overseas NGOs

[2014-12-22 14:02]

A new bill to regulate overseas nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) was tabled for its first reading on Monday.

China's top political advisor to visit Vietnam

[2014-12-22 13:27]

China's top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng will visit Vietnam later this month, a spokesman of the International Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee said on Friday.

China against all forms of cyber attacks, cyberterrorism

[2014-12-22 13:14]

China is opposed to any country or individual launching cyber attacks, Foreign Minister Wang Yi says in response to the hacking of Sony Pictures.

Beijing willing to assist Moscow

[2014-12-22 07:03]

China's top diplomat is offering Beijing's assistance to Moscow, as pessimism is spreading about the uncertainties of the Russian economy.

Chinese premier's Eurasian tour achieves fruitful results

[2014-12-21 16:03]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's just concluded three-nation tour in Asia and Europe achieved fruitful results in enhancing China's cooperation with foreign countries both nearby and faraway.

Shandong Party chief held following anti-graft lecture

[2014-12-20 07:40]

A Party chief suspected of corruption in Shandong province has been placed under investigation.

Country develops nonlethal energy beam weapon

[2014-12-20 07:38]

China has developed a nonlethal, directed-energy microwave weapon, that experts suggest can be used in anti-pirate and anti-terrorism operations.

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