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Internet regulation should have force of law: experts

[2014-11-22 08:33]

Rules governing the Internet should be upgraded into laws to protect the privacy of netizens, improve the development of the network and reduce the number of online attacks.

Regional military chiefs hail Beijing's security proposal

[2014-11-22 06:56]

China proposed on Friday that disputes in the Asia-Pacific region be tackled by an efficient crisis management and control mechanisms.

China calls for crisis management at a high-end dialogue

[2014-11-21 19:30]

China proposed that disputes in the Asia-Pacific region be tackled by "an efficient crisis management and control mechanism" at a major defense policy forum held in Beijing, a move that won widespread acclaim from military chiefs and leading defense specialists in the region.

Premier Li visits bookstore in E China

[2014-11-21 18:05]

Premier Li Keqiang visited a bookstore in Hangzhou's Grand Canal area, and stressed the importance of books for society in general. Li's remarks, which were greeted with enthusiasm, were delivered during a visit to Zhejiang province.

China wants its voice heard in cyberspace

[2014-11-21 07:36]

China is considering setting up its own rules in cyberspace in order to have its voice better heard in the fast-growing Internet sphere.

China, New Zealand 'usher in new cooperative era': Xi

[2014-11-21 10:50]

The formation of China-New Zealand comprehensive strategic partnership has "ushered our two countries into a new cooperative era," Chinese President Xi Jinping told a forum Friday.

Watchdog member suspected of corruption

[2014-11-21 07:37]

A senior official from Hebei province and a member of the country's top watchdog organization has been placed under investigation for suspected corruption, disciplinary authorities said on Thursday.

Official in S. China under bribery probe

[2014-11-20 21:39]

An official in South China's Guangdong province is being investigated for taking bribes, according to the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

Premier Li pledges government support for e-commerce

[2014-11-20 19:29]

China will do its utmost to support e-commerce development and establish rules for online businesses to operate in a clear and fair manner, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday.

Li's visit gauges economic pulse

[2014-11-20 19:08]

Premier Li Keqiang visited China's largest wholesale commodity market on Thursday, taking the economy's pulse as a leading factory output indicator slumped to a six-month low.

Anti-graft drive expands to overseas diplomatic missions

[2014-11-20 16:00]

China has stepped up its war on graft by joining the International Anti-Corruption Academy, a global institute based in Austria that provides education and training to members on how to effectively combat bribery, reported South China Morning Post on Wednesday.

Chinese president appoints six new ambassadors

[2014-11-19 20:55]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed six new ambassadors, according to a statement issued by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) on Wednesday.

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