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Dialogue resumes on new maritime liaison

[2014-11-28 07:15]

After years of almost complete silence, Chinese and Japanese defense authorities resumed talks on establishing a maritime liaison mechanism to reduce the risk of an accident in the air or at sea.

Moral education needed, expert says

[2014-11-28 07:13]

Providing moral education for officials has become a major task for disciplinary authorities after officials were found to have had lifestyle problems and written "promise letters" to their mistresses, judicial professionals said.

Female ex-Party official faces arrest

[2014-11-28 07:10]

Prosecutors in Shanxi province have approved the arrest of Zhang Xiuping, a former deputy Party chief at Jinzhong, on suspicion of bribery, the Supreme People's Procuratorate announced on Thursday.

China, US targeting terror online

[2014-11-28 03:41]

Counterterrorism work between China and the United States has helped authorities track down and delete a number of violent, terrorist video and audio programs stored on US servers.

Deputy head of Heilongjiang provincial legislature under probe

[2014-11-28 00:10]

Sui Fengfu, a senior official of Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, is under probe for suspected "serious law and discipline violations."

Prosecutors pursue former officials of Chinalco, Shanxi

[2014-11-27 17:00]

Chinese prosecutors have indicted or identified several officials for arrest over their alleged corrupt practices, the top procuratorate announced on Thursday.

Chinese President stresses values of retired officials

[2014-11-26 21:49]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday stressed the value of veteran officials, calling them valuable assets for both the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the country.

China hunts for corrupt officials with strengthened cross-border cooperation

[2014-11-26 21:10]

As the deadline China sets for economic crime fugitives to return home looms, the country is calling for more international cooperation.

Three senior officials dismissed in coal-rich Shanxi province

[2014-11-26 20:16]

Three senior officials have been removed from their posts in North China's Shanxi province, facing bribe allegation. Two of them were reported to have committed adultery.

Water projects pushed as economy slows

[2014-11-26 07:36]

The Chinese government is ready to green-light more water conservancy projects in the pipeline and speed up ongoing construction - major pro-growth investment policies to shore up economic expansion in 2015.

PLA opens bidding to lower costs

[2014-11-26 05:08]

The People's Liberation Army is inviting private enterprises to bid on its training-related contracts, an unprecedented move to optimize the military budget and boost participation of the private sector.

China ready to hold fresh round of border talks with India

[2014-11-25 19:06]

China welcomes India's newly-appointed special representative on border talks with China, Ajit Doval, and expects a new round of border talks with India soon, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Tuesday.

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