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Chinese, US presidents hold phone conversation on ties

[2016-02-06 04:37]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday held a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Barack Obama at the latter's invitation, during which the two leaders exchanged Lunar New Year greetings.

Chinese military chief makes seasonal visits

[2016-02-06 04:20]

Fan Changlong, vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission (CMC), urged People's Liberation Army (PLA) forces to help build a strong military on Friday.

Li stresses stability of renminbi

[2016-02-06 03:48]

China will continue its financial reform and will not seek to boost its economy through currency depreciation, Premier Li Keqiang said when meeting with foreign experts.

Entrepreneurship, innovation set to get boost

[2016-02-05 20:39]

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation will continue to be the driving forces for economic growth amid downward economic pressures this year, top officials said on Friday.

No single country can determine trade rules, ministry says

[2016-02-05 18:52]

It's not possible for any country alone to determine the agenda and rules of global trade for the 21st century, said China’s foreign ministry.

Consultative sessions promote understanding

[2016-02-05 07:52]

The bi-weekly consultation session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference - which was restored in 2013 - has become a platform to promote consultative democracy and mutual understanding.

Outpost in Djibouti 'to help fleets'

[2016-02-05 07:26]

First overseas naval logistics support outpost in Djibouti is needed to handle problems peacekeeping fleets encounter, says ministry.

New platforms to help the economy

[2016-02-05 07:08]

China will encourage idle factories and warehouses to be transformed into bases for entrepreneurship and innovation, with government subsidies.

New platforms to help the economy

[2016-02-05 03:16]

A low-cost, all-around and specialized service to promote entrepreneurship and innovation has been pledged by the government as a new driving force for the Chinese economy.

Outpost in Djibouti 'to help fleets'

[2016-02-05 03:12]

China's first overseas naval logistics support outpost — expected to be built in Djibouti — is needed to handle difficulties encountered by Chinese peacekeeping fleets, the Foreign Ministry told China Daily on Thursday.

Chinese regulators approve Commerzbank Bank Beijing securities unit

[2016-02-04 23:34]

Germany's Commerzbank received approval from Chinese regulators on Thursday to open a securities representative office in Beijing, which enables the bank to market its investment banking services to Chinese investors.

China, Russia in communication over leaders' visit: FM

[2016-02-04 19:37]

China and Russia are in close communication over this year's high-level exchanges, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.

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