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229 provincial-level officials quit companies

[2014-07-23 12:01]

A total of 229 senior officials have been told to quit posts at companies as part of an anti-graft to ban government employees from businesses.

China opens military academy to media for the 1st time

[2014-07-23 10:04]

The Chinese army has opened its military academy for the first time to journalists in advance of Aug 1 Army Day, China News Service reported.

Supervision of officials' family affairs urged

[2014-07-23 07:35]

A senior official from the Guangzhou Party Discipline Inspection Commission urged officials in this southern metropolis to be strict about the dealings of their spouses and children.

Themes in fight against graft

[2014-07-23 07:35]

Editor's note: China's top anti-graft watchdog is in the midst of a fight against corruption that began in November 2012 when the Communist Party of China elected its new leadership. China Daily has selected eight key words and phrases to summarize the anti-graft work of the first half of this year.

China, Venezuela secure $5 billion in financial deals

[2014-07-23 07:34]

Agreements include credit line, loan to assist gold and copper exploration

Xi visits Chavez mausoleum

[2014-07-23 07:34]

President Xi Jinping visited Hugo Chavez's mausoleum on Monday and described the late Venezuelan president as a "great friend of the Chinese people".

Xi looks forward to 'charting course' of ties with Cuba

[2014-07-23 07:34]

President Xi Jinping arrived in Havana on Monday for his first state visit to Cuba since taking office.

Experts see a greater scope and depth as investments increase

[2014-07-23 07:34]

China is not only increasing its investment in Venezuela, it is diversifying where it invests in the South American nation, experts said.

Li: US should adopt 'open stance'

[2014-07-23 07:34]

Top business representatives and former senior officials from China and the United States are engaging in a dialogue on Tuesday and Wednesday to consolidate economic cooperation after the world's top two economies reached a consensus this month.

Key issues that will be debated

[2014-07-23 07:34]

Evaluating the US and Chinese economies and policies as well as the efforts on boosting Sino-US economic opportunities and addressing challenges.

Police hunt for fugitives who fled with cash

[2014-07-23 07:34]

Police are launching an operation to track down corrupt officials and others who have fled abroad with illegally obtained financial assets, the Ministry of Public Security announced on Tuesday.

Japan war criminal's confession recounted

[2014-07-23 07:34]

Editor's note: To offer a clearer picture of history, the State Archives Administration released a large number of files on 45 Japanese war criminals who were tried and convicted in China after World War II. The special military tribunal of the Supreme People's Court held public trials, sentencing the criminals to eight-to-20 years prison term. China Daily is publishing abstracts of the criminals' confessions:

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