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Smaller wage increases flagged this year

[2016-07-26 15:38]

Five municipalities and provinces have issued their 2016 guidelines on wage increases, heralding a smaller wage increase this year as most wage growth rates fall, China Economic Weekly reports.

Former economic fugitive jailed for embezzlement, corruption

[2016-07-26 14:51]

A Beijing court sentenced Sun Xin, previously one of China's most-wanted economic fugitives, to 14 years and six months in prison for embezzlement and corruption on Tuesday.

Former senior officials expelled from CPC

[2016-07-26 14:49]

A former senior official from Sichuan province, and another from Anhui, were expelled from the Party on Tuesday.

Former Sichuan vice governor expelled from CPC, public office

[2016-07-26 14:04]

Former vice governor of Southwest China's Sichuan province, Li Chengyun, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the public office for multiple offences, a statement said Tuesday.

CPC expels former East China official

[2016-07-26 13:08]

Yang Zhenchao, former vice governor of East China's Anhui province, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC), a statement said.

China backs WHO in implementation of health-related goals: Xi

[2016-07-26 09:15]

China values highly the important role the World Health Organization (WHO) plays, and supports the WHO in implementing goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, President Xi said.

Efficiency boost sought by merging logistics and internet

[2016-07-26 07:37]

Plan can be seen as a follow-up to Internet Plus strategy, promoting integration, reducing waste.

Ministries discuss retirement age, food security

[2016-07-26 07:34]

Departments and ministries under the State Council, China's Cabinet, have responded to a series of public concerns in the past week.

Ex-military leader Guo given life in bribery case

[2016-07-26 06:58]

A Chinese military court sentenced Guo Boxiong, former vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, to life in prison on Monday for accepting bribes.

China, US vow to boost trust

[2016-07-26 02:44]

Beijing has no intention to challenge the international order and rules, says President Xi Jinping in a meeting with National Security Advisor Susan Rice in Beijing on Monday.

Tribunal not a UN body, violates UN Charter spirit

[2016-07-26 01:00]

The tribunal on South China Sea arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines is not a UN body and does not represent the position of the UN. Both the UN and the UN International Court of Justice have made clear statements on this matter.

China to boost public investment due to lackluster private capital

[2016-07-25 16:47]

China will likely boost public investment to offset the effect of lackluster private capital, which has been discouraged by uncertainty amid the ongoing economic restructuring.

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