Icy challenge in freezing temperatures


Abducted 'Vietnamese wives' return home


Senior maternity matron a high-income job


Red Army school in quake-hit town


Offbeat performance art warns people about phone overuse


Migratory birds at Swan Spring Wetland


Apple steps up China expansion with another new store

Third-party help recruited to assess rush at Spring Festival

These institutions will seek public opinion through websites to evaluate the work of government bodies on ticket sales, publicizing information, etc.

Possibility of H7N9 mass outbreak small, expert says

China will likely see more sporadic cases of infection by the H7N9 avian flu from winter to spring, but the chances of a mass outbreak remain quite slim.

Survey reveals public satisfaction of anti-graft move

A recent survey found 70 percent of respondents were satisfied over the progress of the country's anti-graft campaign, China Youth Daily reported.

Trains prove a strain for foreigners

Strict ID checks, long waiting times, lack of automatic machines a turnoff at rail stations. Rail companies need to improve the service they offer to foreign travelers, an expert has said.

Couple following their hearts in epic journey of love

There are many ways to express love, but Ding Yizhou chose one that few would adopt: following a heart-shaped itinerary around China with his girlfriend, who uses a wheelchair.

Xinjiang lake in bumper fishing season

A total of 17 tons of fishes were captured in one net after 14 fishermen worked together for 12 hours, setting a record since 2011.

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