Ten photos you don't wanna miss - June 3


Wooden roller coaster debuts in E China


Cooling off to escape the heat wave


Ten photos you don't wanna miss - July 2


Massive Hello Kitty theme park opens to visitors


Pandas meet the public for the first time in NE China


Beijing police prepare for upcoming events

Vulnerable groups to get free legal aid

Currently, 3,700 legal aid centers have been set up across the country, with 14,000 lawyers offering free services such as consultation.

Psychic animals recruited to help predict earthquakes

Nanjing transformed animal farms into seismic stations, believing monitoring behaviors of certain creatures can help forecast quakes.

Ramadan fast observed in Xinjiang despite challenge

The annual observance, one of the most important foundations of Islam, lasts 29 to 30 days based on visual sightings of the crescent moon.

Silk Road adventures no longer mean roughing it

As a girl growing up in East China, Jiang Min always longed for an epic journey along the ancient Silk Road through desolate mountains and deserts, busy bazaars and crumbling mud-brick towns.

Russian participation will 'surprise' V-Day parade

Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov says that a show by soldiers in the planned Tian'anmen Square parade will have "a surprise".

China-designed train will replace older, foreign models

The trains currently running on the high-speed rail network have been designed and built in accordance with various foreign standards.

Uygur family saves Han orphan

Despite financial difficulties, a Uygur family who found a baby crying near a dustbin adopted her as its own and has even left the property to her.

A mini-world of landmark skyscrapers in Shanghai

Half-finished skyscraper models cluster at a site in Shanghai, March 25, 2015. It takes months to construct the models, at scales of 1:50-1:100.

'Free landing' of Taiwan residents on the mainland begins

Revised entry regulations, which came into effect on July 1, mean Taiwan residents no longer have to apply for a visa-like entry permit for every visit.

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