Sandstorm in movie scene turns into reality


Rules that changed on April 1, and it's not a joke


Online memorial dedicated to WWII victims


Mother illustrates her pregnancy


Chongqing feels the heat in spring


Teachers-to-be receive cutting edge training


Sandstorm threatens the Mogao Grottoes

Number of illegal foreign workers soars in Pearl River Delta

More than 5,000 illegal foreign workers, mainly from Southeast Asian nations, were investigated by law enforcement officers in Guangdong province in 2014.

Arrival of solar-powered airplane hits heights with students

Pilots receive rousing welcome as Solar Impulse 2, the world's first solar-powered plane, lands in Chongqing on round-the-world flight.

Chinese woman charged with fraud remains in US jail

Zhao Shilan, who with her ex-husband has been charged with money laundering and immigration fraud, remains in jail in Washington state.

New emergency smog plan for capital

If heavy smog continues for more than three days, Beijing will restrict half of private vehicles on the road based on their license plates.

Craftsman keeps tradition carved in stone

Travelers to the Tibet autonomous region often come across piles of stones inscribed with scriptures and Buddhist images. These Mani stones are the work of Tibetan craftsmen such as Olo Tsering, who spends his days focused on meticulously carving a religious mantra on stacks of stone plates.

Former ambassador shares his views on Sino-Japan relations

Japan's former ambassador to China, Uichiro Niwa, has urged Japan and China to make moves to improve relations. The crux of the matter of Japan-China ties is that the two neighbors should make gestures to improve their relations, he said in an exclusive interview with China Daily. Here are excerpts:

China launches its latest Beidou satellite

China launched a new satellite into space, starting the expansion of its indigenous navigation and positioning network to global coverage.

A mini-world of landmark skyscrapers in Shanghai

Half-finished skyscraper models cluster at a site in Shanghai, March 25, 2015. It takes months to construct the models, at scales of 1:50-1:100.

Taiwan asks to join AIIB

Taiwan has submitted a letter of intent on joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) proposed by the Chinese mainland.

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