Spectacular Harbin snow sculptures draw holidaygoers


All you need to know about China's Spring Festival temple fairs


Chinese tourists open their wallets in Thailand, Japan, S. Korea


Tibetans celebrate 'Fire Monkey Losar'


Beijing sees blue sky on New Year's Day, but air quality begins to worsen


Chinese temples flooded with new year prayers, including foreigners


Girl, 8, pulled out alive 60 hrs after Taiwan quake

Special troops to help keep China-Pakistan corridor safe

Islamabad will set up a special force of 10,000 troops to protect Chinese people and enterprises along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

New policies to aid Belt and Road business ventures

Several policies will be adopted by the Foreign Ministry to help the flow of personnel between China and countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, a senior diplomat said.

Zika curbs to include mosquito mass extermination

China's top virus-prevention authority plans a large-scale extermination of mosquitoes to cut off transmission of the virus and curb its spread.

Taking a scalpel to hospital ticket scalpers

High demand for medical services has provided golden opportunities for unscrupulous gangs to fleece unsuspecting patients at some major hospitals.

Xi meets local senior officers, stresses CPC's leadership over army

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with senior officers at local military units in the eastern province of Jiangxi on Wednesday, urging the country's armed forces to follow the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Top-tier cities still first choice for leading university grads

More than 90 percent of Bachelor degree graduates from 75 universities overseen by the Ministry of Education found jobs in 2015, with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou the most favored cities, according to statistics of the ministry.

More tech spending to propel innovation

Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, plans to double its fiscal expenditure on science and technology to incubate high-tech startups, seeking a new identity as an international hub of scientific and technological innovation, said government officials.

A 'police father' with 39 'left-behind' children

Liao Yifeng, a police officer who works in a small and remote village of Huangpi in Wuhan, Hubei province, is a "father" to 39 "left-behind" children, whose parents are working far away from home and rarely spend time with them.

State Grid pushes for 'global energy Internet'

State Grid Corp is pushing to build a global energy network, which is expected to attract investment of $50 trillion by 2050 through a new unit.

Cross-Straits stability and peace is 'irresistible trend'

The Chinese mainland will work to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits and contain "Taiwan independence" activities, the nation's top political adviser said on Tuesday.

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