China / Anti-terror drive

New law to 'combat terror, protect rights'

[2016-02-29 08:07]

China's top counterterrorism official has pledged to resolutely crack down on terror and protect citizens' rights in accordance with the nation's first counterterrorism law.

Xinjiang strengthens security against terror

[2016-03-08 17:05]

Security in Xinjiang is improving and the autonomous region is significantly more capable of handling terrorist threats, the region's Party Chief Zhang Chunxian said on Tuesday.

Beijing police reward terror whistle-blowers

[2016-03-23 16:58]

Two whistle-blowers were rewarded for providing information on terrorism and reporting hazardous items on the subway.

University training anti-terror specialists

[2016-03-24 22:30]

The university has recruited two classes of 80 students each to major in counterterrorism and receive additional military training in weapons.

Chinese FM reaffirms support for Pakistan's anti-terror fight

[2016-04-02 07:17]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Thursday with Pakistani senior official Syed Tariq Fatemi and reiterated that Beijing steadfastly supports Islamabad's fight against terrorism.

China's top security official calls for concerted anti-terror efforts

[2016-05-25 04:09]

The fight against global terrorism calls for in-depth cooperation at all levels as the nontraditional threat has shown the feature of localization, fragmentation and internetization.

Harmful labeling of terrorists

[2016-06-17 07:36]

Shortly after a gunman shot dead 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a French police officer and his partner were stabbed to death on the outskirts of Paris on Monday by a person who reportedly claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group.

Anti-terror drive to be stepped up

[2016-06-23 02:32]

Beijing and Tashkent agree to deepen their fight against terrorism amid rising concerns over extremists in Central and Western Asia.

Nations have to act together to eliminate terrorism

[2016-07-04 07:24]

The international community must not let different definitions of terrorism and terrorists continue to create safe havens for terrorists and hinder anti-terror actions.

CPC names officials punished for condoning misconduct

[2016-06-18 03:58]

The top discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday named officials penalized for failing to properly tackle the wrongdoings of subordinates.

China to beef up anti-terrorism measures on public transport

[2015-04-14 15:59]

China will beef up public security through intensified surveillance and patrols to fend off terrorist attacks and individual acts of violence.

Draft airspace law to counter terrorism

[2015-02-26 07:52]

A draft proposal for China's first anti-terrorism law was reviewed by lawmakers on Wednesday and, if approved, is likely to accelerate improvements in the management of aviation airspace to guard against terrorist attacks

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