China / Anti-terror drive

War on terror no reason for retreat on rights

[2015-02-26 07:43]

Global terrorism should not be a warrant for retreat on citizens' rights, as China's first Counter Terrorism Law sends a welcome signal in this regard.

Turkey to help in foiling suspects from Xinjiang

[2015-01-15 05:32]

China is to strengthen law enforcement cooperation with Turkey to combat terrorist suspects from Xinjiang entering the Eurasian country illegally.

China's top judge urges heavy penalty for terror cases

[2014-12-19 10:56]

China's top judge Zhou Qiang said on Thursday that courts in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region should try violent terror cases quickly and give heavy penalties.

10 tips for civilian safety

[2014-06-09 13:55]

Although there is no way to predict or prevent unexpected emergencies, knowing potential threats and how to react can make a world of difference in protecting people around us.

Xinjiang bid to curb terrorist attacks

[2013-10-09 00:42]

Public security forces in Xinjiang have stepped up efforts to regulate the spread of religious extremism online to curb terrorist attacks.

Fight against all terrorist attacks targeting civilians

[2014-06-03 14:35]

Youdian'er Qiansi: We should fight all terrorist attacks targeting civilians. Despite how miserable your life is or how noble your motives, when you target civilians you are the enemy of all human beings, disgraceful, cowardly and criminal.

China holds anti-terror drill after Mumbai attacks

[2008-12-14 10:05]

Armed police conducted an anti-terror drill at a hotel in Beijing on Saturday to boost its response capabilities against Mumbai-style militant attacks.

Crackdown only targets terrorists

[2014-03-07 01:28]

China's anti-terrorism crackdown policy only applies to terrorists and doesn't target the majority of the public or a certain group of people.

Xinjiang doubles terror fight budget

[2014-01-17 01:46]

The region's public security bureau will receive 2 million yuan ($330,420) this year to combat terrorism, according to the draft of the local government's budget report released Thursday.

Crackdown on terrorist attacks

[2014-06-10 17:03]

While China is knitting an anti-terrorist security network, the nation still needs to prepare its people to fight the war on terror, thereby mobilizing its most powerful weapon.

Fight terror on two fronts

[2014-05-28 07:10]

FOUR OF THE FIVE CULPRITS OF THE TERRORIST attack on Thursday came from a poverty-stricken county in the south of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Anti-terror campaign launched

[2014-05-26 08:10]

Xinjiang will be focus of one-year, nationwide crackdown, ministry says

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