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China finally wins Thailand railway project

[2015-08-28 16:25]

The railway will bring the cost of the trip between Kunming and Bangkok down to $110 and add two million Chinese tourists to Thailand each year.

Stem cell donor offers ray of hope for US boy with leukemia

[2015-08-28 07:19]

A man from East China donated peripheral blood stem cells in Beijing, and the stem cells were then sent to the US to help save a young patient.

Overtime becomes norm for white-collar employees

[2015-08-28 07:51]

More than 60 percent work extra time on weekdays and 40 percent on weekends while 3.4 percent get no day off at all in a month, says survey.

Ministry denies troops sent to reinforce DPRK border

[2015-08-28 07:07]

"The reports ... are not in accordance with facts and are purely hype,” Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told media in Beijing.

Xinjiang religious extremists arrested for people smuggling to join jihad

[2015-08-27 10:51]

Forty-five people were sentenced in Xinjiang for trying to go abroad illegally to participate in jihad or for helping those who attempted to do so.

Prosecutors name 11 officials in probe of Tianjin blasts

[2015-08-27 10:03]

China's top procuratorate accused 11 officials and port executives of neglecting management of dangerous chemicals storage and transportation.

All residential buildings damaged in Tianjin blasts are safe, inspectors say

[2015-08-27 06:54]

11 of the 12 apartment buildings worst hit by the explosions on Aug 12 in Tianjin have been given the highest rating for safety.

3-D printing used to help boy stand

[2015-08-27 06:40]

A boy suffering from brittle bone disease is able to stand on his own feet after a successful operation enabled by 3-D printing technology.

Beijing tops domestic list for traffic congestion

[2015-08-27 07:13]

Commuters in the capital spent on average 32 minutes per hour in traffic jams while traveling during rush hour, according to a report.

Doctors use 3-D print technology to save baby with heart disease

[2015-08-27 06:40]

Doctors at Nanjing Children's Hospital in Jiangsu province have successfully treated a 9-month-old baby with congenital heart disease by using 3-D technology.

National and ethnic unity vital for region, Xi says

[2015-08-26 06:37]

President Xi Jinping underlines national and ethnic unity as key for Tibet, vowing to focus on long-term stability and an "unswerving" anti-separatism battle.

Unnecessary C-sections come under scrutiny in Anhui province

[2015-08-26 07:07]

Forty-six percent of women in China deliver by C-section, one of the highest rates in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

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