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Veterans recall fierce fighting in WWII

[2015-07-07 06:57]

The bloody experience of war is engraved in the memories of Chinese veterans, who attended the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

Long-range bomber could soon fulfill dying hero's last request

[2015-07-07 08:15]

Long-range strategic bomber refers to an aircraft that carries more than 10 tons of air-to-ground weaponry and flies at least 8,000km without refueling.

Shanghai records lowest average temperature in 142 years

[2015-07-07 08:44]

It recorded its lowest temperature in 145 years on Monday, with the mercury dipping to 17.3 degree Celsius, close to the historic level on July 2, 1876.

Social media blamed for huge rise in the number of divorces

[2015-07-06 05:00]

Ministry of Civil Affairs report reveals that the number of couples getting divorced rose from 2.68 million in 2010 to 3.64 million in 2014.

Rules set to fix financial problems

[2015-07-06 07:28]

The People's Liberation Army has issued a regulation to correct 69 financial irregularities and close all the loopholes in its treasury.

Tougher action on child sexual abuse signaled

[2015-07-06 07:28]

"If I had paid more attention to taking care of my only daughter, and had advised her to always be cautious in the presence of strangers, she wouldn't have been sexually assaulted," said Chen Lin (not her real name), whose 9-year-old daughter was repeatedly raped by a neighbor.

Big data plays bigger role in China's admin management

[2015-07-05 19:39]

China's first provincial market entity data analytic system was launched in central Hubei after a year in the making and another two-month test run.

12 dead in East China shoe factory collapse

[2015-07-05 17:18]

Twelve people have been confirmed dead and two remained missing after a shoe factory collapsed in East China's Zhejiang province on Saturday.

China's export of civilian drones surges

[2015-07-05 13:52]

China exported 160,000 units of civilian drones worth $120 million from January to May, 69 and 55 times of the same period in 2014 respectively.

China copyright society says film, TV theft frequent

[2015-07-05 13:24]

Plagiarism, unauthorized broadcasting, among other copyright theft cases, frequently take place in film and TV industry, the Copyright Society of China said.

Chinese, Russian premiers agree to work for fruitful regular meeting

[2015-07-05 09:43]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, had a telephone conversation on Friday afternoon about their next regular meeting.

ROK official falls to death in NE China

[2015-07-05 09:07]

An official from the Republic of Korea (ROK) has died after falling from a hotel in northeast China early Sunday morning, local authorities said.

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