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Top legislature issues legislation plan

[2014-04-18 02:34]

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, on Thursday released its legislation plan for the year.

Religious venues verified to stop illegal profiteering

[2014-04-18 07:47]

The State Administration for Religious Affairs published the names and locations of 6,195 verified Buddhist and Taoist monasteries on Thursday in an effort to fight illegal profits disguised as religion.

Desalinated water to be piped into Beijing by 2019

[2014-04-18 02:09]

Beijing is planning to pipe in desalinated water from the port of Caofeidian in Hebei province to meet increased demand.

Country to protect space safety

[2014-04-18 02:04]

China published its first space situation report on Thursday, designed to keep policymakers better informed and to protect the country’s space interests.

Suspect shot dead in Xinjiang

[2014-04-18 07:37]

Police in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region rejected rumors that a young man from Aksu prefecture was killed by police for running red traffic lights.

Plants used to weed out soil pollution

[2014-04-18 01:53]

Chinese scientists have developed soil remediation technologies to prepare for large-scale applications.

Quality of arable land 'worrying'

[2014-04-18 01:51]

Pollutants in more than 16% of Chinese soil exceed national standards, while for arable land, the figure rises to almost 20%, an official report says.

China's next 5-year plan eyes deepening reforms

[2014-04-18 02:34]

China's top economic planning body on Thursday said that it has started to formulate the 13th Five-Year Plan covering 2016 to 2020, with deepening reforms and shifting the country's economic growth model at the forefront.

Inter-city trains to start operation in Xinjiang

[2014-04-17 16:05]

Xinjiang's first group of inter-city trains will be put into use on the railway line linking the cities of Urumqi, Karamay, Kuytun and Shihezi in Xingjiang on May 1.

Party chief removed from post

[2014-04-17 15:46]

Shen Weichen, Party secretary and executive vice president of the China Association for Science and Technology, loses his position as he is investigated for corruption.

3 years in jail for spreading rumors

[2014-04-17 10:32]

A court in Beijing sentences Qin Zhihui, better known by his online alias Qin Huohuo, to three years in jail for defamation and causing trouble.

Probe of official continues after teacher's death

[2014-04-17 14:59]

A former government official who is suspected of involvement in the death of a female teacher in East China's Fujian province has been transferred to judicial authorities on allegations of corruption.

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