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Corruption fighters may include outsiders

[2015-01-31 08:15]

China's top-level policymaking group on reform pledged to reach outside the existing disciplinary organization for qualified officials to lead anti-corruption organizations.

Lijiang cools a passion for sexy ads that lure visitors

[2015-01-31 07:50]

Lijiang, an ancient town in Yunnan province, plans to curb the use of vulgar publicity stunts related to sex used to promote tourism.

Language apps turn learning into a game

[2015-01-31 07:40]

Philipp Mattheis knew his gaming app was addictive when he realized he kept checking his phone-hooked by the brightly colored reminders telling him to play again or risk falling from the triple-figure level he had reached.

Sino-US defense policy talks set for next week

[2015-01-31 07:30]

Defense officials from China and the United States will meet in Washington DC next week for policy talks, the Pentagon said late on Thursday.

Sichuan to probe everything related to fallen ex-security chief

[2015-01-30 16:42]

Government officials involved in cases related to China's ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang would be probed to clear any political and economical wrongdoings in SW China's Sichuan province.

Media industry to be investigated in search for 'hidden conditions'

[2015-01-30 07:53]

Discipline officers will investigate "hidden conditions" in the media, film and television industries, according to the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on Thursday.

Tmall stores protest against regulator's quality report

[2015-01-30 11:08]

Three vendors on Alibaba's platform voiced strong protest against an official quality inspection report on Thursday after a dispute between the e-commerce website and the regulator.

Work starts on compensation claims

[2015-01-30 07:53]

A Chinese legal team is prepared to discuss compensation with Malaysia Airlines after Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation officially declared the disappearance of Malaysia Air-lines Flight MH370 to be an accident.

2.8 billion trips expected during spring festival in China

[2015-01-30 11:43]

A total of 2.807 billion trips are expected to be made by Chinese people during the Spring Festival travel rush, according to the Ministry of Transport Thursday.

China tightens prison management after scandal

[2015-01-30 07:18]

China's Ministry of Justice is taking measures to tighten management on prisons used a smartphone to blackmail several women.

An eleven-child family in Sichuan sparks controversy

[2015-01-30 07:07]

A couple in Santai village of Sichuan province have found themselves at the center of controversy, because they have 11 children and were not fined for exceeding the limits set by China's family-planning policy, the Southern Metropolitan News reported.

Senior leader stresses unwavering anti-graft fight

[2015-01-30 11:09]

A senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has called for long-standing and specific disciplinary inspections, stressing an anti-graft fight that the Party "cannot afford to lose."

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