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Car-hailing app driver robs woman, kills her in Shenzhen

[2016-05-04 11:00]

A car-hailing app driver who robbed and killed a 24-year-old woman passenger on Monday in Shenzhen has been arrested on Tuesday, police said.

No letup in anti-graft fight, Xi warns Party ‘cabals and cliques’

[2016-05-04 06:57]

President Xi Jinping issues warning of "cabals and cliques" and reiterates the determination to press ahead with the fight against corruption.

Families demand refunds for cancer treatment

[2016-05-04 08:23]

Families of patients who are receiving or have received immunotherapy cancer treatment at a hospital in Beijing are demanding refunds.

Emirates launches flights between Yinchuan and Dubai

[2016-05-04 07:41]

Emirates Airlines launched its first direct flight between Dubai and northwestern China's Yinchuan, aiming at boosting its connectivity to China.

HK needs to rehabilitate its tourist-friendly image: Experts

[2016-05-04 07:11]

Hong Kong should focus on getting its citizens to behave well toward mainland tourists and rehabilitate the city's tourist-friendly image.

Fossil footprints bring dinosaurs to life

[2016-05-04 07:33]

A set of dinosaur footprints recently discovered in Sichuan sheds more light on the mysterious life of Minisauripus-the smallest dinosaur ever found.

More than 15 pct of China's population are over 60

[2016-05-03 21:58]

China had 222 million people aged 60 years or older as of the end of last year, accounting for 16.1 percent of its total population, a senior official announced Tuesday.

Baidu's share price drops after probe into search engine launched

[2016-05-03 15:24]

After launching investigation into Baidu's paid listing, the government forms joint team to probe the hospital that treated the cancer patient.

Baidu faces probe after outcry over cancer treatment

[2016-05-03 03:03]

The government is set to probe Baidu, after the company was accused by a patient, who since has died, of providing misleading medical information.

PLA enlists rap-style music video to recruit young people

[2016-05-03 08:03]

The song, called Battle Declaration, which was posted on PLA Daily's website on Thursday, is the first hip-hop video made by the PLA.

Hukou problem surfaces after an 11-year-old lie comes to light

[2016-05-03 07:51]

After 11 years, a woman's Beijing household registration was nullified because authorities said she had used fake documents to obtain it.

Experts: Harsh penalties deter fraud

[2016-05-03 07:09]

In Taiwan, people found guilty of conducting telecom fraud face a maximum prison sentence of five years, while the maximum on the mainland is life.

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