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Migrant life may lead to youth crime

[2015-04-21 07:17]

About 27 percent of juvenile criminals are children who are left at home when parents work as migrant workers in cities, an education report said.

Property register to come under one roof

[2015-04-21 07:37]

China will merge its property registration agencies before the end of this year, according to central government departments.

Beijing teens getting heavier, report says

[2015-04-21 07:37]

Beijing's children and teens are growing, but not in a healthy way. The obesity rate in the capital ballooned from 14 percent in 2006 to 20 percent in 2013 - significantly higher than the national average - according to the annual Report on Beijing Healthy City Construction, which was released on Monday.

Luxury clubs tied to graft to be closed

[2015-04-21 07:37]

A senior official from the city's top anti-graft body has promised to shut down or rebuild, by the end of June, 10 private luxury clubs and restaurants that once attracted senior Party and government officials.

Newspaper ad in Korean newspaper helps put Ningxiang on the map

[2015-04-21 10:48]

A full page advertisement in the Korean JoongAng IIbo daily newspaper helped put Ningxiang county on the map for a great many Chinese people.

China mulls breast feeding campaign

[2015-04-20 16:00]

The top legislature began reviewing a draft amendment to the Advertisement Law, which proposes a ban on baby formula advertising.

China announces plans for pilot free trade zones

[2015-04-20 19:37]

China released more details regarding pilot free trade zones (FTZ) in Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian as well as plans to further reform and open up the Shanghai FTZ on Monday.

Bonded zone in Xinjiang's Kashgar starts operation

[2015-04-20 15:32]

A comprehensive bonded zone was opened in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region's border city of Kashgar on Monday.

China aims to lure more overseas talent

[2015-04-20 07:36]

With the government focusing more on innovation, the nation wants to lure international talent to start businesses in the country.

China releases pilot List of 'sponge cities' to utilize rainfall

[2015-04-20 11:49]

China's central authorities have released a pilot list for 16 so-called 'sponge cities.' The 'sponge cities' are new projects being launched to use the full potential of rain water.

Baoxing boosted by panda links

[2015-04-20 09:50]

Investment in county seat has earned an AAAA rating from the National Tourism Administration

Nanjing procuratorate decides against arresting abuse suspect

[2015-04-19 21:21]

A district procuratorate in East China has decided against arresting a woman who allegedly abused her nine-year-old foster son, after members of the public were consulted on a case sparked when photos of the boy's injuries appeared online.

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