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What you need to know about Jiangsu's deadly tornado

[2016-06-24 14:13]

Place: Yancheng, East China's Jiangsu province Time: 2:30 pm, Thursday Casualties: 98 killed and about 800 injured

China faces challenges in tornado forecast: weather authority

[2016-06-24 12:06]

China lacks the ability to monitor and forecast a tornado, the national weather forecaster said this morning.

Ruling may 'open Pandora's box'

[2016-06-24 07:33]

A senior publicity official has warned that the possible South China Sea ruling by an arbitration panel may "set a dangerous precedent and open a Pandora's box in the sea".

Poverty funds facing stiffer supervision

[2016-06-24 08:30]

Prosecuting authority expands efforts to stop embezzlement of money meant to help poor

Guns a growing factor in narcotics enforcement

[2016-06-24 07:48]

Nearly 500 guns were seized in major drug cases in China last year, a significant growth of firearms associated with drug manufacturing and trafficking, the drug control authority said on Thursday.

China issues disaster alerts

[2016-06-23 19:41]

China's meteorological authority on Thursday warned central, southwest and northwest regions of possible geological disasters.

Ministry orders removal of substandard running tracks

[2016-06-23 09:08]

China's Ministry of Education on Wednesday said it had ordered local education authorities to remove all substandard running tracks at schools after children reportedly fell sick from exposure to artificial turf.

HK most expensive for expats

[2016-06-23 07:55]

Hong Kong has overtaken Luanda, Angola, to become the costliest city in the world for expats, according to an annual survey released by Mercer on Wednesday.

Agency lists tiny hallway for sale: 1.5 million yuan

[2016-06-23 07:32]

Why would anyone want to pay 1.5 million yuan ($228,000) for a hallway in Beijing?

Li vows to boost support for real economy

[2016-06-22 02:24]

China will strengthen the financial sector's role in supporting the real economy by providing reasonably sufficient liquidity and achieving stable exchange rates for the renminbi, according to Premier Li Keqiang.

2020 health plan to ease burden on people in poverty

[2016-06-22 07:09]

All Chinese living below the poverty line in rural areas will have access to basic medical care and other health services "close to" the national average by 2020, according to a guideline released by 15 central government departments on Tuesday.

US urged not to rock the boat by flexing its muscles

[2016-06-22 06:46]

China has urged the United States not to flex its muscles in the Asia-Pacific, saying it is not conducive to regional peace and stability.

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