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Former NE China court official dead in suspected suicide

[2014-10-30 16:36]

A former senior court official in northeast China's Liaoning Province died in a suspected suicide during a business trip on Wednesday, an initial police investigation showed Thursday.

China offers 4th batch of aid to Africa in anti-Ebola efforts

[2014-10-30 15:38]

China unveiled the details of its 4th batch of aid worth some $82 million to help African countries' fight against the ebola virus.

180 economic fugitives back in China to face trial

[2014-10-30 12:39]

Beijing has succeeded in getting extradited or persuading 180 economic fugitives to return to China since launching a campaign called "Fox Hunt" in July.

Ebola precautions taken in Guangdong

[2014-10-30 08:08]

Guangdong province, which has a large number of people from African nations, has expanded the testing of temperatures of people arriving from Ebola-hit regions at major entry ports.

Fewer couples want second child

[2014-10-30 05:15]

About 700,000 Chinese couples, in which one of the partners is an only child, have so far applied to have a second child, far less than expected.

Monkey circuses becoming a thing of the past

[2014-10-30 07:34]

Police detained four trainers as they performed with six monkeys on the streets of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province, because they did not have a wildlife transportation license.

Dense fog forces emergency landing in E China

[2014-10-29 17:22]

A Chinese airline jet carrying nearly 200 passengers from Tokyo was diverted to Qingdao from Beijing in a terrifying race against time and the fuel tank.

Xinjiang publishes anti-terror brochures

[2014-10-29 12:59]

The brochure tells the public how to react to explosions and arson, as well as gun, ax and vehicle attacks using text and illustrations.

Overhaul of anti-graft legislation on the way

[2014-10-29 07:43]

China will upgrade anti-corruption legislation as it continues a campaign to build a clean government and practice austerity.

Needles removed from 11-month-old baby's body

[2014-10-29 07:25]

Surgeons perform operation to remove needles apparently stuck into the body of an 11-month-old baby by her abusive aunt.

Sexologist punished for swindling research funds

[2014-10-29 08:13]

China's leading expert on sexology has received an administrative penalty for swindling State scientific research funds.

More high-speed trains set for APEC holiday travelers

[2014-10-29 07:56]

Beijing will increase the frequency of its high-speed trains to meet the demand of Beijing tourists during the APEC conference next week.

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