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What is that thing? Innovative bus looks like a moving tunnel

[2016-05-27 07:48]

A bus that straddles highway lanes to allow cars to pass beneath-a sort of moving tunnel-is set for a test run in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, in August.

Chang'e 5 lunar probe to land on Moon and return in 2017

[2016-05-27 07:35]

It will be the first time a Chinese probe will land on the Moon, collect samples and return to Earth, according to officials.

'Occupy' protester convicted on three counts, magistrate says

[2016-05-27 08:04]

Political activist and Civic Party member Ken Tsang Kin-chiu was found guilty of assaulting police officers and resisting arrest.

Adoptions decline after one-child policy dropped, fewer abandoned children

[2016-05-27 07:54]

The relaxation of family planning policy has led to a drop in the number of children being adopted, a trend that is expected to continue.

AIAA awards Chinese scientist its top prize

[2016-05-26 11:42]

A Chinese scientist won a top prize on ground testing from a US leading institution recently, demonstrating China's great strides in the aerospace study.

Xi calls for action to revive the economy of northeast

[2016-05-26 03:34]

The central leadership has issued a new plan to revitalize the economy in the northeast, which has long been hampered by a lack of reform.

Li vows fairness for big data investment

[2016-05-26 03:37]

China will create a more transparent and equal market to attract foreign investment in big data and e-commerce with streamlined administration.

Taiwan's new leader 'must clarify stance' on one China principle

[2016-05-26 03:34]

The cooperation process will only continue when the island's new leader fully endorses the one China principle, says Chinese mainland's spokesman.

Island school shows its unique character

[2016-05-26 07:44]

Class act by teachers allows pupils to enjoy life and learning on the country's southernmost outpost of education on Yongxing Island.

Children scale 800-meter cliff on way to school

[2016-05-26 07:31]

Fifteen children use a rattan ladder to scale an 800-meter cliff on their way to and from boarding school every two weeks in Sichuan province.

Nuclear rescuers readied for 2018

[2016-05-25 07:58]

The team will have 320 professionals in six squads and will be designated to handle nuclear accidents and take part in overseas operations.

Floods threaten southern areas

[2016-05-25 07:53]

China's flood control authority said that there is "a large chance of flooding" along the Yangtze River, Songhua River and Huaihe River this year as a result of increased precipitation during flood season.

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