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Students compete in national science competition

[2014-11-26 17:25]

Can you imagine recharging your smartphone simply by pouring water or even urine into a small box to generate power?

24 killed in State-owned coal mine fire

[2014-11-26 09:33]

A coal mine fire killed 26 workers and injured 50 others in Liaoning province, the State-owned Liaoning Fuxin Coal Corporation says.

Men's grooming is booming

[2014-11-26 05:32]

A growing awareness of male grooming, a stressful urban lifestyle and environmental concerns are fueling the growth in the male personal care market.

Emissions goal can be met

[2014-11-26 05:08]

The recent landmark climate agreement with the United States is a win for both sides and will inject positive energy into the upcoming global climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru, early next month.

PLA opens bidding to lower costs

[2014-11-26 05:08]

The People's Liberation Army is inviting private enterprises to bid on its training-related contracts, an unprecedented move to optimize the military budget and boost participation of the private sector.

Opening willing brings Haikou international guests

[2014-11-26 02:21]

More than 200 delegations of governors and directors of Asian cities participated the Fourth Meeting of the General Assembly of the Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) under the theme of "Innovative Economies: the Roles of Asian Cities and Local Governments" on Tuesday in Haikou.

Xi urges Palestinians, Israel to resume peace talks

[2014-11-25 16:39]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on Palestinians and Israel to restart talks at an early date to restore peace.

Beijing number plates snapped up in 10 minutes

[2014-11-25 14:23]

Eleven cars with Beijing number plates attracted more than 4,000 bidders in an online auction, with Jaguar fetching the top price of $75,700.

China mulls tougher tobacco controls

[2014-11-25 09:38]

China is mulling a ban on all forms of tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco products, according to a draft regulation.

Driver's license reform aims at curbing graft

[2014-11-25 09:21]

The Ministry of Public Security is pushing forward a reform on the issuing of driver's licenses in a bid to curb corruption in vehicle management departments.

Forbidden City more welcoming

[2014-11-25 04:43]

The 600-year-old Forbidden City is seeking innovative ways to cater to the younger generation and reshape its public image.

Country enhances security checks for govt websites

[2014-11-25 04:43]

China has strengthened security checks of government websites, hoping to clean up those that are not up to standard by the end of 2015.

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