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'Miracle' premature baby ready to go home

[2014-10-25 04:07]

When Peng Ankang was born prematurely in Hunan province in June, weighing just 800 grams, doctors didn't know if they could save him. He was born after his mother experienced massive internal bleeding in the 25th week of pregnancy.

Party points way for rule of law

[2014-10-24 03:00]

Government officials will be given demerit penalties and held accountable if they are found to have interfered in lawsuits, under a decision taken at a key meeting to advance the rule of law.

Beidou system poised to spread wings

[2014-10-24 07:22]

China's Beidou navigation satellite system, whose positioning accuracy will reach 2.5 meters by 2020, will soon provide services to more countries.

Arrest of HK protesters sought

[2014-10-24 07:50]

Transport associations in Hong Kong say they will seek arrest warrants against protesters on Friday, as they seek to put teeth into a High Court order to clear roads as the protesters continued to defy decrees.

Facebook's Zuckerberg turns on his Chinese charm

[2014-10-23 16:05]

The founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg opened a dialogue with a complete half-hour public conversation in the Chinese language.

Guangzhou gears up clone taxi crackdown

[2014-10-23 14:07]

Guangzhou has launched this year’s biggest crackdown on “clone” taxis this year, destroying a total of 178 cabs with fake license plates on Wednesday.

PLA vows to uphold rule of law

[2014-10-23 07:56]

As the ongoing Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee discusses the rule of law, the People's Liberation Army vowed to steadily promote the principle in military building and national defense.

Safeguarding foreigners' rights

[2014-10-23 07:39]

Changes to the nation's criminal laws means a greater number of foreign nationals are eligible for free legal aid when they go to court, as Zhang Yan reports from Lincang, Yunnan province.

Clean air? Don't hold your breath

[2014-10-23 07:56]

According to National Meteorological Center, intense air pollution is expected to strike China's northern cities twice more before November.

New round of smog to hit Beijing

[2014-10-23 03:22]

Beijing, and the nearby Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province will be once again shrouded by smog beginning Thursday, the local observatory predicted on Wednesday.

'Naked officials' may lose shot at higher office

[2014-10-23 07:56]

Guangdong province plans to bar officials who have spouses and children living overseas from playing leading roles in government departments, public institutions, people's organizations and State-owned and State-held enterprises.

No quick solutions for smog problem

[2014-10-22 08:17]

Abroad and at home, there is a rising chorus questioning the effectiveness of air pollution control in China, most recently from the runners who finished the Beijing Marathon in smog on Sunday.

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