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To tackle smog, Beijing tells 2,000 factories to stop work

[2015-12-01 07:16]

Environmental watchdogs strengthened inspections as the air quality deteriorated to the most severe readings in the country's northern regions.

Mainland releases two Taiwanese spies

[2015-12-01 11:51]

The Chinese mainland has released two jailed intelligence agents from Taiwan, who were captured in 2006 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Emergency patient 'crawls' onto stretcher unaided

[2015-12-01 11:19]

BEIJING - After falling ill on a flight to Beijing earlier this month, a Chinese passenger learned the true meaning of "patient," as he had to "crawl" to his own stretcher and was ferried between hospitals.

Gay stigma hindering HIV prevention in China

[2015-12-01 11:07]

Many gay people in China are forced to have more risky and haphazard relationships as stigma prevents them from keeping long-term partners.

400,000 people to move to suburbs amid Beijing's administrative shift

[2015-12-01 11:15]

Beijing will move many of its city administration offices out of the city center to the eastern suburb of Tongzhou, with "substantial progress" by 2017, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning announced on Monday.

Premier Li vows AIDS battle

[2015-12-01 11:15]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has promised more initiatives to prevent and treat AIDS in order to limit its spread.

China has 575,000 people with HIV/AIDS

[2015-12-01 09:33]

Six out of every 10,000 people in China may be infected with HIV/AIDS, according to official figures revealed on Monday, the eve of World AIDS Day.

New rules to rein in illegal flying of civilian drones

[2015-12-01 07:27]

Civil aviation administration will soon publish regulations for civilian unmanned aircraft that will help put an end to illegal flights.

Lung cancer patients to number 800,000 per year by 2020

[2015-12-01 07:56]

More than 800,000 lung cancer patients will be diagnosed annually by 2020, with nearly 700,000 dying from the disease each year.

Siberian tiger tracks found inside reserve

[2015-12-01 08:15]

The tracks of a Siberian tiger have been photographed at a nature reserve in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province, that is far from the China-Russia border.

Micro blog closes after nursing mom is criticized

[2015-12-01 07:39]

A charitable organization shut down its micro blog after being criticized over a posting in which a mother was ridiculed for breast-feeding in public.

Top court official: Judges should take new view of green cases

[2015-11-30 07:35]

Judges must change the way they handle environmental disputes, modernize their skill sets and stop favoring businesses over ecology.

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