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HK chief executive urges protest stoppage

[2014-09-30 15:43]

C Y Leung urged Occupy Central organizers to end the protest immediately on Tuesday, saying the movement has been affecting people's daily lives.

Send freed convicts back to prison: prosecutors

[2014-09-30 15:11]

A total of 800 criminals, including 82 convicted officials, whose sentences were commuted illegally, should be returned to prison.

China marks first Martyrs' Day

[2014-09-30 10:58]

A day before the National Day, China rallied to honor and remember the deceased national heroes on the first Martyrs' Day.

Protest disrupts life in HK, depresses stocks

[2014-09-30 04:25]

Daily lives of many people in Hong Kong have been disrupted by the blockades staged by protestors in various districts — with more than 42 bus routes and some tram services suspended.

Foreigners get Friendship Award

[2014-09-30 07:32]

One hundred people from 25 countries received China's Friendship Award - the nation's highest honor for achievement by a foreigner - in Beijing.

Chinese flag snapshots go viral

[2014-09-29 13:57]

A campaign asking Chinese Internet users to post snapshots of them and the national flag online has gone viral ahead of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

China-Japan forum ends with message of hope

[2014-09-30 04:31]

Panelists voiced hope of an early ending to the "frigid winter" of China-Japan ties as the 10th Beijing-Tokyo forum concluded on Monday.

Cultural program marks ten years

[2014-09-29 07:06]

Hundreds of officials, international students and Beijing residents gathered over the weekend at Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the organization.

Ministry sets stricter rules
on foster care

[2014-09-29 07:04]

Foster parents who care for abandoned children with disabilities must undergo 5-step screening process and training program, says Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Traffic jams cost Beijing
$11.3b a year

[2014-09-29 07:48]

The capital's annual bill for traffic congestion amounts to about $11.3 billion, among which 80% relates to time wasted waiting.

Tycoon's son caught with bow and arrow

[2014-09-28 13:26]

Wang Sicong, the son of real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin, was taken to a Shanghai police station on Thursday for not cooperating with police who found a bow and arrow in his car.

China to cut 'escape route' of corrupt officials

[2014-09-28 06:36]

Chinese senior prosecutor has pledged efforts to chase fugitive corrupt officials as well as to "resolutely cut off the escape route of suspects.”

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