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Flexible college schooling to encourage self employment

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-12-10 18:05

BEIJING - China's education department on Wednesday called on colleges to offer a more flexible schooling system for students wanting to establish their own businesses.

In an instruction published Wednesday, the Education Ministry informed colleges that training programs and competitions could encourage and assist students interested in entrepreneurialism.

They were also told to allow students to opt out of the mainstream education system to pursue business opportunities off campus.

Colleges should also invite entrepreneurs and venture capital investors to share their expertise, the ministry said.

It also pledged to help with grants for students to finance their business plans and provide supporting facilities.

China will see 7.49 million people graduate from college next year, the largest ever, a year on year increase of 3 percent. Helping them find a job would be a tremendous challenge.

Through efforts to encourage graduates to establish their own businesses, the ministry said it expected to diversify the job market, thus, easing the pressure.

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