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CCDI shows progress in hunt for corrupt officials

[2016-09-05 07:26]

As the G20 throws the spotlight on global anti-corruption efforts, China has released fresh data on its progress in capturing former officials accused of fleeing abroad with billions in public money.

Success of Fox Hunt campaign continues

[2015-11-05 07:51]

Of the arrested suspects, 162 were connected with cases involving 10 million yuan ($1.6 million), says the Ministry of Public Security.

China back in hunt for fugitive corrupt officials

[2016-04-21 22:20]

China has launched its latest campaign to capture corrupt officials who have fled overseas and recover their dirty assets.

Repatriation and recovery targeted to combat graft

[2016-05-06 08:30]

The repatriation of suspects and recovery of illicit money are the focus of the Fox Hunt operation this year aimed at seizing corrupt officials and economic fugitives who flee China.

Two graft-involved Chinese fugitives taken back from Laos

[2015-03-29 07:33]

A former official and a businessman, suspected of bribery, were taken back to China Saturday after about three months of exile in Laos.

Anti-graft watchdog vows to net more 'flies'

[2015-01-21 04:33]

President Xi Jinping told Party committees at all levels on Tuesday to support judicial departments to independently exercise judicial rights, coordinate with them and create a favorable environment for the departments to carry out their duties.

Macao casinos targeted in the fight against graft

[2015-01-21 04:27]

China will strengthen supervision of assets that corrupt officials transfer abroad illegally through gambling houses in Macao.

US to cooperate in identifying fugitives on the run

[2015-01-17 08:38]

China and the United States will enhance law enforcement cooperation to nab Chinese corrupt officials who are still at large.

China seeks more intl help with hunt for fugitive officials

[2014-12-09 17:48]

China's disciplinary watchdog opened a new "whistle blowing channel" on Tuesday, to help facilitate international support of its ongoing campaign to repatriate fugitive corrupt officials.

'Fox hunt' will not cease as anti-graft intensifies

[2014-12-05 19:25]

China announced a major breakthrough in its Operation Fox Hunt on Thursday with about 400 economic-crime fugitives now back on home soil.

China nabs 428 suspects in intl anti-graft net

[2014-12-05 12:33]

Chinese police have seized 428 fugitives suspected of committing economic crimes in an international manhunt that began in July, the Ministry of Public Security said Thursday.

France to assist in hunt for corruption suspects

[2014-12-04 07:44]

France is ready to help China track down people suspected of corruption who may be on French soil, according to a French justice ministry official.

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