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Beijing PM2.5 down 12.5 pct in Jan-Aug

[2016-09-12 15:56]

The density of PM2.5, fine particulate matter causing smog, decreased in Beijing by 12.5 percent year on year in January to August, the local environment watchdog said Monday.

Beijing doles out cash rewards for exiting chemical plants

[2016-07-29 09:02]

Beijing is offering cash rewards as an incentive for chemical plants that leave the nation's capital. Eighty hazardous chemical plants should be out of the city by 2018, the local work safety watchdog said on Thursday.

New laws enacted to clear the air; joint efforts needed

[2016-03-09 09:11]

China has taken a series of measures to control air pollution. Since 2013, the central government has issued the Action Plan on Air Pollution Prevention and Control, launching a national campaign against smog.

China could strengthen environmental law without affecting exports

[2016-03-10 22:19]

China and other emerging economies which have strong manufacturing sectors could strengthen environmental laws without it affecting their overall share of export markets, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said in a new study.

China to promote clean coal for better air: minister

[2016-03-11 16:09]

China's environmental protection minister Chen Jining said Friday that the country is promoting the clean use of coal to curb air pollution.

Pollution fight gets a sharper focus

[2016-03-12 04:12]

China has established three new departments under the Ministry of Environmental Protection to target air, water and soil pollution to ensure control targets will be met in the coming years.

Smog to continue in Beijing, surrounding regions

[2016-03-18 01:39]

Light to heavy air pollution will continue to affect the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region over the next few days, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) said Thursday.

Hebei province cuts coke production to curb smog

[2016-03-31 18:29]

North China's Hebei province has announced it will cut coke production by 6 million tonnes this year.

Eco-expert calls for tough stance on pollution

[2016-04-20 07:51]

After spending more than 14 years in China, environmental expert Dimitri de Boer sometimes forgets about the smog.

Beijing plans to list smog as a meteorological disaster

[2016-05-27 07:36]

Beijing included smog as a meteorological disaster in its draft of a new prevention and control regulation that was under review on Thursday.

Making blue skies over Jing-Jin-Ji last

[2016-06-21 08:02]

For China to effectively address air pollution, and to ensure there are lasting blue skies over Jing-Jin-Ji, we would like to emphasize five points.

Jewel of idea aims to clear the air

[2016-06-30 06:58]

A Dutch artist and environmentalist is planning to bring to China a project inspired by a visit to Beijing that demonstrates how tiny invisible smog particles can be made into jewelry such as rings.

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