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2017 pollution targets 'in reach'

[2016-07-06 07:40]

A majority of Chinese provinces have performed well in reducing airborne pollutants and have a good chance of reaching the targets set in the national action plan by 2017, according to an assessment by the Chinese Academy of Engineering that was released on Tuesday.

Vice minister pledges more efforts to improve air quality

[2015-09-07 17:44]

Environmental quality is the only criterion to measure the performance of the environment watchdog, Vice Minister for the Environment Pan Yue said on Monday, vowing to further reduce air pollution.

China's greenhouse gas emissions 'overestimated'

[2015-08-21 07:38]

The United Nations and other international bodies have vastly overestimated China's greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade or more, according to a study released on Wednesday.

Steps needed to eliminate smog

[2015-03-28 07:51]

China's efforts to combat smog will last for more than a decade as fossil energy sources will continue to power the world's second largest economy.

Improving air quality seen as 'priority of priorities'

[2014-10-27 00:40]

The capital will also restrict cars based on an odd-and-even-number rule, almost halving the number of cars on the road during the APEC meetings.

Beijing to cut pollutants discharge by a third during APEC

[2014-10-26 03:01]

The pollutants discharge in Beijing and neighboring regions of Tianjin and Hebei is expected to be cut by a third during next month's APEC meeting.

Alert continues for severe smog in North China

[2014-10-09 13:34]

The central and eastern part of Beijing and the west part of Hebei province will be plagued by extremely heavy smog in the coming hours till Friday morning.

Beijing to monitor PM2.5 concentration in schools

[2014-10-08 16:32]

Beijing's health authority plans to establish an air quality monitoring system in schools, the Beijing Morning Post reported.

Polluters in China play with fire amid lax inspection

[2014-09-30 20:58]

Outrage runs high as polluters in China continue ignoring environmental damage, coveting maximum profits amid lax inspection laws.

New version of air pollution law would impose heavier fines

[2014-09-11 07:13]

A revised draft would require governments above the county level to establish pollution monitoring systems and levy heavier fines.

Air pollutants analyzed in north China amid battle against smog

[2014-08-24 13:39]

Beijing's neighbor Tianjin released its air pollutant analysis at the weekend, in which dust pollution was blamed as main cause of smog.

Public urged to help cut smog

[2014-08-13 13:45]

China has issued a "behavioural standards" guide to combat pollution and reduce environmental damage, urging people to do everything from walking and riding bicycles to buying goods with less packaging.

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