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Vice minister pledges more efforts to improve air quality

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-09-07 17:44

BEIJING - Environmental quality is the only criterion to measure the performance of the environment watchdog, Vice Minister for the Environment Pan Yue said on Monday, vowing to further reduce air pollution.

To improve air quality, environment regulators should not only focus on reducing emissions of major pollutants but all polluting discharge, Pan said in an interview.

"There are many factors that have an influence on air quality, therefore, total emission regulation is needed," he added.

Pollution reduction measures should not just focus on industry, he said, urging efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and agriculture discharge, too.

In late August, the top legislature adopted an amendment to the Air Pollution Control Law, which rolled out more restrictions on various sources of smog, and made more environmental information available to the public.

The Chinese capital experienced good air quality in the run-up to and during the Sept. 3 military parade as harsh measures were taken to control pollution. Local people strongly hope that such good weather will stay for ever.

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