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Let's dissect the media for a change

[2009-10-22 07:48]

My friend Xu Haoyuan sent me two emails within a month about problems she encountered in news media coverage. Each illustrates how far some journalists nowadays have strayed from accuracy and truthfulness.

Mainland women flood Hong Kong to give birth

[2009-10-22 07:37]

"Shenzhen mom dies during childbirth in a Hong Kong hospital!" screams a newspaper headline. But if this was intended as a warning to mainland women planning to have their children in the special administration region, it has fallen on deaf ears.

New Delhi,Beijing reach climate agreement

[2009-10-22 07:36]

India and China yesterday signed a broad agreement to work together in fighting climate change and the nations underlined their shared position on contentious talks seeking a new global climate deal.

Hu upbeat on climate deal

[2009-10-22 07:32]

President Hu Jintao is upbeat about the prospects for a positive outcome at the Copenhagen climate change summit in December.

$120b fund for ASEAN set to commence

[2009-10-22 07:31]

A $120 billion fund that will offer loans to Southeast Asian countries in economic straits will be ready as early as the end of the year, Chinese officials said in Beijing yesterday.

China to further co-op through coming ASEAN meetings

[2009-10-22 04:56]

China would like to take the opportunity of the upcoming meetings of the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to enhance its cooperation with the ASEAN countries, a senior Chinese diplomat said Wednesday.

China orders jails to intensify security measures

[2009-10-22 00:41]

China's Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has ordered prisons nationwide to strengthen security and supervision measures after four criminals killed a jail guard and escaped last Saturday.

Aussies invite foreign investment, China's concern remains

[2009-10-21 22:44]

Australian state government and industry officials Wednesday extended invitation to Chinese investment in the mining sector, but their remarks didn't help dispel concerns of Chinese mining companies.

A/H1N1 influenza cases in Chinese mainland top 31,000

[2009-10-21 22:26]

The Chinese mainland reported 2,092 confirmed cases of the A/H1N1 influenza in the 48 hours ending at 3 pm Wednesday, bringing the total number of the disease's victims to more than 31,000, the Ministry of Health said here Wednesday.

China's recovery trend 'consolidated': Cabinet meeting

[2009-10-21 20:57]

China's economic and social development was better than expected, benefiting from a "consolidated" economic recovery, the government said Wednesday.

China attracts 52 billion USD investment from ASEAN

[2009-10-21 19:54]

China had attracted $52 billion of investment over the past 30 years from the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), said an official with the China-ASEAN Business Council Wednesday.

Chinese army to recruit 130,000 university graduates

[2009-10-21 19:44]

A total of 130,000 graduates from Chinese universities and colleges are expected to join the army this winter, a record number in the country that wants to uplift the quality of servicemen while grappling with job crisis.

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