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China says Tengzhong hasn't submitted Hummer deal

[2009-10-15 12:01]

China's Ministry of Commerce has not yet received an application from Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery to buy General Motors' Hummer brand, ministry spokesman Yao Jian told a regular news conference on Thursday.

China foreign investment up 19% in Sept

[2009-10-15 11:30]

Foreign direct investment in China continued to recover in September, rising 19 percent from a year earlier to $7.9 billion, the Commerce Ministry said Thursday.

China marks the 26th Int'l Day of the Blind

[2009-10-15 11:03]

Junming,a blind man living in a home for the elderly, holds a personal concert to celebrate his 60th birthday

China's power consumption continues to rise in Sep

[2009-10-15 10:43]

China's power consumption in September continued to rise with a faster increasing rate, according to China's National Energy Administration (NEA) on Thursday.

Big-name companies conceal pollution info

[2009-10-15 09:25]

Environmental group Greenpeace on Tuesday criticized 18 leading companies from both home and abroad for concealing polluting information - a violation of Chinese regulations.

US taps China to renew Six-Party Talks

[2009-10-15 09:18]

A high-level official from the United States is consulting with the Chinese government on the next steps to bring the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) back to the Six-Party Talks.

China, DPRK vow to enhance cooperation

[2009-10-15 09:13]

China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea pledged to enhance their cooperation hereon Wednesday.

Senior Chinese military general to visit US

[2009-10-15 09:08]

A top Chinese general will visit the United States this month and tour major US bases as Washington seeks to improve relations and reduce the risk of conflict.

Fresh lending tops 500b yuan in Sept

[2009-10-15 09:08]

Fresh lending by banks in September breached the 500-billion-yuan mark, beating economists' estimates, and just over a 100 billion yuan more than what the lenders funneled out in August.

Strong trade figures export new optimism

[2009-10-15 08:23]

China reported surprisingly good trade figures yesterday, offering fresh evidence that the world's third-largest economy is well on the road to recovery and suggesting global demand is improving.

The times they are a-changin', for the worse

[2009-10-15 07:41]

Times were when children considered it natural for elders to scold them in front of their friends. Times were when a son or daughter apologized to or sought forgiveness of parents even if he/she had the burning suspicion of being in the right.

China calls for SCO's joint response to global economic downturn

[2009-10-15 07:35]

China on Wednesday proposed closer cooperation among members of a regional security group to tackle the world economic recession.

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