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China, Kazakhstan pledge to strengthen strategic partnership

[2009-12-13 09:34]

Chinese President Hu Jintao and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Saturday pledged to advance their countries' strategic partnership.

China creates 9.4m jobs in urban areas from Jan to Oct

[2009-12-12 13:44]

China created 9.4 million new jobs in urban areas in the first ten months, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security said Saturday.

Thai fighters eye Shaolin

[2009-12-01 08:42]

The Shaolin Temple may have sidestepped a challenge to Chinese kungfu, but another prominent school has stepped in to pick up the gauntlet.

Experts on trail of palace's lost relics head to US

[2009-12-01 08:42]

A team of eight Chinese experts on Sunday began their journey to the United States to trace and document relics looted from the Old Summer Palace during the second Opium War.

Fight against AIDS

[2009-12-01 08:10]

Much needs to be done to check the spread of HIV/AIDS despite the efforts that have been made to prevent the spread of the disease and prolong the life expectancy of AIDS patients. This is the message we get on the 22nd World AIDS Day that falls today.

Mutual understanding

[2009-12-01 08:10]

When the top leaders of China and the EU sat down yesterday for their annual summit in Jiangsu, the province itself - which hosts the regional headquarters of a cluster of top-notch European firms - was testimony to deep-rooted economic ties between the two sides.

Golf defies rules to gain ground

[2009-12-01 08:05]

Golf, widely regarded as the rich man's game, is gobbling up the poor man's land in China.

China Mobile fights porn criticism

[2009-12-01 08:04]

Cell phone giant China Mobile has frozen contracts with its mobile Internet partners in order to stem criticism that pornography was being sold through its network.

Cash-strapped HIV counselor calls it a day

[2009-12-01 08:04]

For 27-year-old Wang Jun, the past 14 months of his life have been anything but ordinary.

NGOs to get legal status from govt

[2009-12-01 07:49]

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) committed to fighting HIV/AIDS in China will soon get legal status to operate, as the government is considering legally recognizing these organizations, experts close to the situation said.

'Missing' cultural sites number 23,600

[2009-12-01 07:39]

Historians have sounded the alarm after 23,600 registered cultural sites apparently "disappeared" in three years.

School is in, recession kept out

[2009-12-01 07:38]

The number of applicants of postgraduate studies has hit an all-time high, according to the Ministry of Education, as the job market recovers at a sluggish pace.

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