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Legislative support for lakes urged

[2009-11-03 08:13]

Senior legislator Chen Zhili yesterday called for greater legislative powers to stop pollution in lakes and to prevent lakes from disappearing.

Top police officer wants security both online and off

[2009-11-03 08:11]

The country's police chief said the rapid development of the Internet has posed a new challenge to maintaining social stability, as he called for a comprehensive security system covering both the real and virtual worlds.

Mission for the nation and the world

[2009-11-03 07:59]

A sense of mission and responsibility for the nation and humanity must sound like a clich to some Chinese these days as materialism and hedonism prevail among sections of our society.

Overseas trade fair opens for business

[2009-11-03 07:58]

The world descended on Beijing today as the nation's largest overseas investment fair opened for business.

Law to promote govt transparency

[2009-11-03 07:57]

Government bodies failing to publicize information legally required to be made public may face lawsuits, according to a draft regulation issued by the Supreme People's Court (SPC) yesterday.

India's visa revise drives laborers out

[2009-11-03 07:56]

A new visa policy by India has driven some Chinese workers out and a concerned Chinese government to call for more consideration of businesses and laborers situated in the South Asian nation.

Premier to roll out aid plans for Africa

[2009-11-03 07:42]

A number of far-reaching plans to help the livelihood of Africans will be announced by Premier Wen Jiabao next week at a summit between Beijing officials and African leaders.

Asian EU a 'long-term' goal

[2009-11-03 07:33]

Japan's call for an East Asian Community similar to the EU has been welcomed by China and supporters of the idea say it will accelerate regional integration.

China 2nd only to US in research: Report

[2009-11-03 06:22]

Chinese researchers have more than doubled their output of scientific papers and now are second only to the United States in terms of volume, according to a report from Thomson Reuters released on Monday.

Mainland reports 7th H1N1 flu death

[2009-11-03 01:37]

The Chinese mainland Monday reported its seventh death from A/H1N1 flu in central Hunan Province.

China raps rumor of vaccine-led H1N1 outbreak

[2009-11-02 23:55]

Chinese Ministry of Health on Monday disproved an online rumor that the recent A(H1N1) influenza outbreak in Beijing was caused by vaccination among students for the country's National Day celebration.

China to announce new policies to boost co-op with Africa

[2009-11-02 22:49]

China will announce further measures to promote substantial cooperation with Africa at the upcoming meeting between China and African nations.

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