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Prize proposed to honor China's "father of space program": survey

[2009-11-10 23:54]

A recent online survey showed more than three quarters of the Chinese public polled agreed that a prize for outstanding scientists should be set up to honor Qian Xuesen, "father of China's space program."

US official: Negotiations preferred to solve trade frictions

[2009-11-10 22:58]

Trade frictions are inevitable but the preferred approach is to work them out through negotiations, a senior US official said on Tuesday.

China to tighten management of doctors

[2009-11-10 22:56]

China's Ministry of Health will step up efforts to improve the management of the doctors in the country to safeguard people's health.

China to boost mergers in steel sector

[2009-11-10 22:54]

China will encourage mergers and restructuring in the steel sector to help forge three to five producers with sharp international competitiveness.

Chinese fleet will protect HK vessels if necessary

[2009-11-10 22:16]

China's naval escort fleet could provide necessary protection and aid to vessels of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) if need be.

Chinese president stresses rural democracy

[2009-11-10 21:52]

Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged to establish and improve the mechanism of democratic self-governance of villages that can both secure the Communist Party's leadership and safeguard villagers' rights.

China hopes for resumption of Philippine Northrail project

[2009-11-10 21:50]

China's ambassador to the Philippines said on Tuesday that the prolonged delay in the construction of the controversial US$503-million Northrail project will cost the Philippine government and the Chinese contractor more money.

China's effort in dealing with climate change praised

[2009-11-10 21:06]

US experts on China, foreign policy and climate change meeting here on Monday praised China's strong effort in dealing with climate change.

Malaysia hails Hu's visit a 'milestone' in bilateral ties

[2009-11-10 20:20]

President Hu Jintao flew from the early winter snow in Beijing to the tropic warmth of Malaysia Tuesday afternoon, to be greeted by even warmer people and officials in the capital. Full Coverage Agenda

China expects positive results from Obama's visit

[2009-11-10 20:00]

China on Tuesday said it hoped US President Barack Obama's visit next week will achieve more positive fruits.

China, Japan holds exchange mechanism meeting of ruling parties

[2009-11-10 17:55]

visiting delegation of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) on Tuesday held the third meeting of the exchange mechanism between the two ruling parties.

China dissatisfied with Dalai visit: FM

[2009-11-10 17:04]

China on Tuesday said it is "strong dissatisfied" with India over the Dalai Lama's visit to a disputed China-India border region.

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