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More Sino-US students exchanges expected

[2009-11-24 17:50]

US President Obama said while communicating with Chinese youth at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum: American students in China will ascend to the number of 100,000.

International students flock into China

[2009-11-24 17:18]

At present, China lacks a world-class tiptop business school, and we should create conditions for intensifying the trainer resources construction and improve academic research level.

Monopolistic market blamed for gas pains

[2009-11-24 07:35]

Energy analysts have blamed the country's "monopolistic natural gas market" for one of the most serious gas shortages in decades, made worse by high gas consumption amid freezing temperatures and snowstorms in the south.

British PM calls for Chinese investment

[2009-11-24 07:17]

LONDON: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was expected to tell business leaders that investment from China could help drive Britain's economic recovery.

Official fires back US cyber spy report

[2009-11-24 07:16]

China yesterday accused a United States congressional advisory panel of ulterior motives for its report that claimed the Chinese government appears to be piercing the US computer network with increasing frequency to gather data for its military.

Defense chief hails ties with DPRK

[2009-11-24 07:15]

Continuing his five-day visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, China's Defense Minister Liang Guanglie pledged to strengthen military ties with the nation.

China-ROK free trade deal urged

[2009-11-24 07:12]

Partly induced by the drop in trade between South Korea and China amid the global recession, officials from both sides committed to expediting negotiations for a free trade agreement.

Pressure builds on employees

[2009-11-24 07:04]

Nearly nine out of 10 Chinese workers are under growing pressure at work as China leads the world toward economic recovery, a global survey has found.

'Learn mine safety lessons'

[2009-11-24 07:04]

The country's top work safety official has blamed poor management and inadequate safety precautions for the mine blast in Heilongjiang that claimed 104 lives.

China to send two pandas to Australia for joint research

[2009-11-24 00:44]

China will send two giant pandas to Australia Friday for a cooperative research program.

Banks warned of big volatility in lending

[2009-11-23 22:32]

China's banking regulator on Monday asked the country's commercial banks to better manage risks and avoid year-end volatility in lending.

Chinese children adopted by foreigners begin root-tracing trip

[2009-11-23 22:19]

Chinese children adopted by 37 overseas families from six countries are in China for a root-tracing trip to learn more about their birth country.

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