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Heavier punishment urged for civil servants' wrongdoings

[2009-10-29 08:21]

The country's chief prosecutor yesterday called for stiffer penalties for civil servants found guilty of misconduct or abuse of power, describing current punishments as "too lenient".

Annan upbeat about Copenhagen summit

[2009-10-29 08:01]

Former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan said the climate change conference in Copenhagen, with or without a groundbreaking deal, will be a success despite media reports that an agreement is unlikely.

US hi-tech export controls to be scrutinized

[2009-10-29 08:01]

The United States will review granting the market economy status and loosening controls on exports to China, visiting Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke said yesterday.

Children without a way home

[2009-10-29 08:01]

The 60 children peer out from the screen, watching, wondering, hoping for cheerful endings to their tales. For each of them, the story starts the same: kidnapped, stolen, missing, gone without a trace.

Masked man collects 360M lottery prize

[2009-10-29 08:00]

China's biggest-ever lottery prize of almost 360 million yuan ($52.7 million), which had triggered weeks of nationwide speculation over the identity of its winner, has finally been claimed, local lottery administrators said yesterday.

China faces "severe challenges" of flu

[2009-10-29 07:49]

China's State Council said Wednesday the country faces "severe challenges" in the prevention and control of A/H1N1 flu. Mainland's 4th H1N1 victim

Mainland reports 4th H1N1 flu death

[2009-10-29 00:52]

Beijing has reported its first death case of A(H1N1) flu, also the fourth on the Chinese mainland, health authorities said Wednesday.

CPC watchdog woos tip-off with new website

[2009-10-28 22:33]

China's discipline watchdog Wednesday opened a national informant website, to deal with the public's reports on discipline violation problems of the Party organizations and its members, and to collect suggestions for the Party's anti-corruption work.

China to tighten rules on personal loans

[2009-10-28 21:15]

China's banking regulator Wednesday issued a draft plan on stepping up rules of personal loans to prevent misuse of money lent from the country's financial institutions.

Ford: Geely preferred bidder for Volvo

[2009-10-28 20:33]

A group led by China's Geely Group is the preferred bidder for Ford Motor Co.'s Volvo Cars unit, the US automaker said Wednesday.

Canada repatriates criminal suspect to China

[2009-10-28 20:29]

The Canadian police has repatriated a Chinese criminal suspect wanted for contract fraud to China, China's Ministry of Public Security (MPS) said Wednesday.

Sino-US military ties march forward

[2009-10-28 20:23]

The militaries of China and the United States have agreed to send more high-ranking officers to visit each other's country, with US Defense Secretary Robert Gates visiting China next year.

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