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ADB to fund eco-tourism in China's bio-diverse mountainous region

[2009-10-23 14:43]

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Friday said it is helping China set up botanical gardens, wild-life parks and a giant panda center in the northwestern Qinling Mountains to protect the region's biological diversity.

Over 400 private enterprises to equip PLA

[2009-10-23 14:30]

More than 400 private high-tech enterprises have passed an initial examination or obtained the approval to make equipment for the People's Liberation Army (PLA), the Ministry of National Defense said on its website, as reported by

Optimism growing in 3rd quarter

[2009-10-23 07:39]

With rising unemployment, slumping exports, and a slowdown in GDP growth, few experts dared to predict that China would end with the bold bounce back.

Oodles of woe for Google

[2009-10-23 08:23]

Google may draw up a new settlement to put out its copyright fire in China, according to a statement sent to China Daily yesterday.

Consensus at Copenhagen unlikely

[2009-10-23 08:11]

The Copenhagen climate negotiations are likely to end with a "political framework", while leaving detailed emission reduction targets open for further discussion, according to a report released yesterday by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

World in our hands: China US officials

[2009-10-23 08:02]

China and the United States must push beyond bilateral issues to deal with more pressing matters of global impact. Video: China-US Relations Conference 

Protectionism may be key component to trade summit

[2009-10-23 08:01]

Efforts to curb protectionism are likely to be the focus of a trade summit between China and the United States next week.

Thousands applying for govt jobs

[2009-10-23 08:00]

The heated competition for next year's civil servant positions - in which 4,000 people might fight for one job - has not scared away job-seekers as the number of applicants is expected to hit a historical high.

Community correction to be tried nationwide

[2009-10-23 08:12]

The central government is promoting an experimental community correction program nationwide to keep minor lawbreakers from being jailed.

General's visit raises stakes for nations

[2009-10-23 08:00]

The extended visit starting Saturday by General Xu Caihou, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China, to the United States is a highly anticipated move meant to elevate a once turbulent relationship between the Chinese and US military forces to a higher level.

China to take due responsibilities in climate issue

[2009-10-23 02:02]

China supports the development of a low-carbon economy, and will not shrug off its due responsibilities in countering global climate change, an environment expert with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) said Thursday.

Hijacked Chinese ship arrives off coastline of Somalia

[2009-10-22 22:19]

The Hijacked Chinese Bulk Carrier DE XIN HAI is confirmed to have arrived off the coast of Somalia and is now in the vicinity of Hobyo, the EU NAVFOR said on Thursday.

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