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Food industry to expand 16.7 percent

[2009-11-21 21:57]

Output value of China's food industry is expected to grow 16.7 percent year on year, according to China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA).

Experts calls on plan to boost consumption

[2009-11-21 11:38]

High savings and weak consumption was still the main structural problem for China's economy, and the country needed to craft a national plan to boost consumption and adjust the economic structure, an expert had said.

Central banker seems to rule out rate cut

[2009-11-21 09:37]

China's central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, has cautioned that low interest rates, especially deposit rates, would remove pressures that force financial institutions to finance the real economy.

China urged to increase UN role

[2009-11-21 09:25]

China pledged on Friday to continue its support of United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations, but a high-ranking army official said the missions will also need major reforms to meet new challenges.

Envoy criticizes US media over Obama visit

[2009-11-21 09:18]

The US ambassador to China hit out at the American media for their negative coverage of US President Barack Obama's visit to China.Many good tidings from Obama visit

New EU chief good for ties with Beijing

[2009-11-21 09:06]

The appointment of Herman Van Rompuy as EU president will help its members agree on a unified China policy and reduce the risk of estrangement.

Google pledges only booklist in copyright row

[2009-11-21 08:59]

Google on Friday agreed to provide a list of Chinese books it had scanned to put up in its digital library, but it still refused to admit having "infringed" upon copyright laws.

Film growth inflated to attract viewers

[2009-11-21 08:52]

The country's film market is booming, if some producers are to be believed. But the State Film Bureau (SFB) has a different story to tell.

China to float 15 billion yuan T-bonds next week

[2009-11-21 08:38]

China will issue 15 billion yuan (about 2.2 billion U.S. dollars) of short-term treasury bonds next week, the Ministry of Finance said here Friday.

Diary reveals grudge between two writers 80 years ago

[2009-11-21 03:45]

A diary manuscript from 80 years ago provides new-found evidence to the grudge between two Chinese iconic writers.

16 Chinese scientists to explore Mekong River

[2009-11-21 03:43]

Sixteen Chinese scientists will start an exploration mission of the Mekong River on November 26, exploration team head Tao Baoxiang said here Friday.

6.3m college graduates to challenge job market: Education Minister

[2009-11-21 03:41]

China's Education Minister Yuan Guiren warned Friday that the country's record number of 6.3 million college graduates next year would pose "severe challenges" to the job market.

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