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Jan-Sept GDP growth greater than 7%: NDRC

[2009-10-19 16:13]

China's year-on-year GDP growth rate in the first three quarters of this year was over seven percent, said Xiong Bilin, an official with the National Development and Reform Commission.

China's economic recovery to pick up momentum in 2010

[2009-10-19 14:55]

China's economy has passed the worst and recovery will pick up momentum next year, according to a prominent Chinese economist.

Election Law to be amended next week

[2009-10-19 11:08]

China's top legislature, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, will consider amending China's Election Law at a bi-monthly legislative session from Oct 27-31.

China, EU focus on social security schemes

[2009-10-19 11:05]

Establishing a multi-tier pension system may be better at reducing investment risks of pensioners, especially during a financial crisis, experts at the two-day European Union-China high-level roundtable on social security concluded on Friday.

Internet encourages a new era of individual voices

[2009-10-19 10:08]

Internet is playing an important role in raising public awareness about individuality and citizenship in China, by "providing a platform for the Chinese, who tend to be silent in real life, to express themselves and exchange ideas".

Battle begins over 3G market

[2009-10-19 10:04]

The launching of third-generation services by China's leading cell phone operators this fall signals the start of a battle for top position in the world's largest mobile phone market.

Relic hunters descend on US, European museums

[2009-10-19 09:44]

China will send an expert team to trace and document relics taken from the Old Summer Palace that are now in foreign countries, a park official said Sunday.

Cooperation to help lure tourists back

[2009-10-19 07:44]

Slowly rebounding from a plunge in tourist numbers in the wake of the global economic crisis and the H1N1 flu, the tourism industries of China and the United States are hoping that collaboration will bring many happy returns.

Surge in returning Chinese experts

[2009-10-19 07:43]

China's booming economy, favorable policies and excellent research environments are resulting in a surge in talent returning from the West, helping the nation to compete in global innovation, a top education specialist said yesterday.

President, premier stress energy resource tech education

[2009-10-18 22:01]

President Hu Jintao congratulates Sunday on the 100th founding anniversary of the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) in a letter, urging more talents in the country's energy resource industries.

China's Nasdaq-style GEM to start trading Oct 30

[2009-10-18 21:41]

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) said Sunday that the first batch of 28 companies would be listed on its Growth Enterprises Market (GEM) on October 30. The official launch of the Nasdaq-style board is scheduled for Friday.

China GDP to grow 9% in Q3: Experts

[2009-10-18 21:18]

China's economic recovery is gaining speed and the growth rate is expected to hit 9 percent in the third quarter, economists and analysts observed.

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