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Spokesman highlights China-US summit

[2013-05-21 23:59]

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday that an impending meeting between President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Barack Obama will aid in the construction of a new type of relationship between the two countries.

Xi, Obama to meet in California

[2013-05-22 02:14]

President Xi Jinping will meet US President Barack Obama in California next month on his way back from a trip to Latin America and the Caribbean.
China-US summit prospects

A new beginning

[2012-09-12 07:52]

With the Southern African Development Community set to become a common market within three years and a monetary union by 2016 - and with the launch of a single currency among the 15 member states by 2018, Zimbabwe is poised to receive great economic benefits in the near future.

Far-reaching reforms strengthen banks

[2012-09-12 07:52]

Forward-thinking Minister of Finance Tendai Biti has been busy implementing the short-mid term economic recovery plan.

International partnerships build connections

[2012-09-12 07:52]

As well as modernizing the country's financial system, the government is also laying the foundations for Zimbabwe to become a digital society by 2015.

Cameroon, rising as an investment destination

[2012-09-25 08:06]

The dynamic government is actively pursuing modernization of its financial mechanisms

Gearing up for growth

[2012-09-25 08:06]

As a resource-rich country looking to engage sustainable development, Cameroon is moving further into the radar of global investors, particularly those in China.

Facilitating investment

[2012-06-29 08:07]

Congo has tightened up law and tax codes and improved incentives, making business easier

Special economic zones set up

[2012-06-29 08:07]

Recent figures have shown that Congo's exports to China increased by 380.6 percent in the first decade of this century, demonstrating the importance of Congo's vast reserves of raw materials to the Asian powerhouse.

Forestry, farming and mining reap rewards

[2012-06-29 08:07]

Investment in three important sectors will see Congo's economy soar in the coming years

Partner of the future

[2012-06-28 08:10]

Green initiatives, economic openness, and sub-regional development: The President of the Republic of Congo presents what is at stake

A vigorous Angola springs back to life

[2011-09-16 08:03]

Ten years ago, Angola was in a desperate situation: Years of civil war and political instability had ravaged the country and depleted its resources, while its infrastructure was in tatters.

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