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Oil and gas pipelines to be protected

[2009-10-28 10:02]

Oil and gas pipelines in China will be protected against theft, damage and construction encroachment under a draft law proposed by the State Council.

US sets preliminary duties on China steel products

[2009-10-28 10:01]

The US government announced preliminary determination in the countervailing duty investigation on imports of prestressed concrete steel wire strand from China, according to a statement released by the Commerce Department on Tuesday.

WHO China chief gives vote of trust to Chinese vaccine

[2009-10-28 09:36]

The World Health Organization's representative in China hopes to give the country's H1N1 vaccine a shot in the arm.

U.S. calls for lasting military dialogue with China

[2009-10-28 08:38]

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates called for lasting dialogue with China's military after years of "on-again, off-again" talks as he welcomed a top Chinese general.

Official warns against heavy metal pollution

[2009-10-28 08:05]

Environmental protection officials yesterday urged local governments to ward off heavy-metal pollution and beef up efforts to ensure the safety of drinking water.

H1N1 deaths 'tip of iceberg'

[2009-10-28 07:58]

The death toll on the Chinese mainland and around the world from the H1N1 flu virus could be much higher than previously thought, experts warned yesterday.

'Crucial' visits to Egypt, Asia-Pacific

[2009-10-28 07:57]

Premier Wen Jiabao will visit Egypt next month and attend the second China-Africa summit, days after Vice-Premier Li Keqiang wraps up a tour of three Asia-Pacific nations that will possibly thaws a frigid China-Australia relationship.

Military forces 'not a threat'

[2009-10-28 07:53]

A senior military officer downplayed concerns from the United States about China's military growth and explained that the buildup was justified given its vast territory and the severity of challenges.

One step nearer equality

[2009-10-28 07:52]

China's top legislature yesterday started to discuss a draft amendment to a law that - if passed - will ensure voters in the countryside have as much influence as voters in cities. The amendment will likely be submitted at the next legislative session.

Taking a long-term view of progress

[2009-10-28 07:42]

Stimulus packages initiated by many governments to reverse the economic downturn by encouraging consumption are unanimously claimed as necessary, and they definitely are, given the necessity of maintaining enough jobs and keeping the economic machine running.

Three younglives riseabove death

[2009-10-28 07:42]

I have written several columns on today's high school and college students, expressing my worries over their being pampered by parents and their susceptibility to hedonism.

Taiwan relaxes limits on mainland media

[2009-10-28 02:10]

A Taiwan official said Tuesday local authorities will relax restrictions on media coverage by mainland news organizations on the island.

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