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Vice Premier stresses safety in inoculation against H1N1 flu

[2009-11-10 09:18]

Vice Premier Li Keqiang called on health authorities to ensure safety in the production, storage, transportation, and inoculation process of the vaccines against A/H1N1 influenza.

Students stuck in Australia waiting for govt answers

[2009-11-10 08:31]

Some of the 1,200 Chinese students left high and dry after four schools closed in Australia may face difficulties getting their all-important graduation certificates.

'No need' to extend test capacity for H1N1 virus

[2009-11-10 08:28]

A health official yesterday rejected the need for grassroots clinics - unlike their counterparts at city, provincial and national levels - to test for the H1N1 virus.

Aerospace safety a must, says general

[2009-11-10 08:24]

A top military leader called the high-profile celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the service's founding an occasion for air forces around the world to conduct joint research on aerospace safety.

Hu's awaited visit to 2 nations seen as milestone

[2009-11-10 08:23]

For the first time in 15 years, China's head of state will visit Singapore and Malaysia to allegedly sign a number of agreements and discuss trade protectionism.Visit seen as milestone

Report appeals for new emissions tactics

[2009-11-10 08:11]

A new report on climate change by the World Bank urges nations to employ innovative market-based measures to make up for the huge shortfall of funds needed to combat global warming.

US military schools order of the day for rich kids

[2009-11-10 08:09]

Today, it seems, Chinese parents are less inclined to be of the pampering and spoiling variety than they were a few years ago and more likely to send their children to pre-college military academies in the United States in the hope that some tough love will pave the way to success.

Detainees get more rights, protection

[2009-11-10 08:07]

Detainees awaiting trial will no longer be forced to work at detention houses, thanks to a breakthrough being heralded by lawyers as legal progress in protecting their legitimate rights.

Wen's Egypt visit boosts civilization dialogue: FM

[2009-11-10 07:50]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Egypt and his attendance to a FOCAC meeting have promoted civilization dialogue and China-Africa friendly cooperation, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said Monday.

China calls for int'l co-op in combating corruption

[2009-11-10 07:03]

A Chinese official on Monday called on state parties of a UN anti-corruption treaty to strengthen cooperation in fighting corruption amid the ongoing global financial crisis.

China: US move on imported Chinese-made fastener 'rational'

[2009-11-09 22:32]

The US rejection of an anti-dumping inquiry against China-made steel fasteners was "rational", a Chinese commerce official said Monday.

Chinese mainland reports two more deaths from A(H1N1) flu

[2009-11-09 22:22]

The Chinese mainland reported two more deaths from A(H1N1) flu Monday in the central Henan and eastern Fujian provinces, authorities said.

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