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PLA forces in HK conduct 12th routine rotation

[2009-11-26 10:40]

The Chinese People's Liberation Army garrison troops in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Wednesday conducted its 12th troop rotation since it assumed Hong Kong's defense responsibility on July 1, 1997.

Producer plays down worries about A(H1N1) flu vaccine

[2009-11-26 10:38]

In an interview with METRO, Liu Peicheng, media relations director of Sinovac Biotech Ltd, producer of China's first A(H1N1) flu vaccine, shares his views on the safety of the vaccine.

China's top political advisor starts visit to Brazil

[2009-11-26 09:47]

China's top political advisor Jia Qinglin arrived here Wednesday to start his official good-will visit to Brazil.

Be aware of Western climate change tactics

[2009-11-26 07:54]

I keep coughing after a brief visit to a sizable developing nation - not because of a possible A(H1N1) infection but the continuous exposure to strong smell of fuel and pollutants on roads of the country, where 20-year-old obsolete cars rattled everywhere.

Heavy fog hampers transport services

[2009-11-26 07:52]

Transport ground to a halt as heavy fog enveloped parts of China Wednesday forcing airports and expressways to close to traffic.

Bar for climate change goals set high for China

[2009-11-26 07:48]

China may be the "champion of fighting against climate change" if government policies can be carried through to reach its energy efficiency goals while promoting renewable and nuclear power, said the chief economist at the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Steel firms blast US' latest levies

[2009-11-26 07:47]

China railed against the United States' decision to slap anti-subsidy duties on Chinese-made steel pipes for the oil industry, the latest trade dispute between the two nations.

Substantial climate deal sought after

[2009-11-26 07:05]

Chinese negotiators have started a new round of campaigning to secure a meaningful climate change deal at the Copenhagen summit. Bar for climate change goals set high for China  Comment:Be aware of Western climate change tactics Obama to vow 17% emissions cuts

Kim: Friendship with China 'unbreakable'

[2009-11-26 07:04]

PYONGYANG: Visiting Defense Minister Liang Guanglie yesterday met Kim Jong-il, top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Garlic price rockets in amid flu fears

[2009-11-26 06:41]

Workers unload a truck stacked with sacks of garlic at an outdoor food market in Beijing November 25, 2009.

Genetic mutation of H1N1 flu found in China

[2009-11-26 02:47]

Genetic mutation had been detected in eight A/H1N1 flu cases on the Chinese mainland, an official with the Chinese National Influenza Center said Wednesday.

China opposes US anti-subsidy duties on oil well pipe

[2009-11-25 23:52]

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Wednesday voiced strong opposition against the United States' imposition of anti-subsidy tariffs on Chinese oil well pipes, saying the move was "discriminatory."

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