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Proposed law fetters diplomats' marriage

[2009-10-30 15:12]

Chinese diplomats with foreign spouses will not be allowed to serve overseas, according to the draft of a new law under review for the second time by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China’s top legislature, the People’s Daily reported Friday.

Chinese vice premier to visit New Zealand

[2009-10-30 13:53]

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang will visit New Zealand from November 1-3, New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Bill English announced on Friday.

Top tip-off website down after debut

[2009-10-30 13:47]

China’s top tip-off website for reporting corrupt officials broke down on the first day of its launch, the Guangzhou Daily reported Friday.

China's Nasdaq-style board starts trading

[2009-10-30 10:45]

Twenty-eight small and medium-sized enterprises Friday started trading their shares at China's Nasdaq-style market, ChiNext, in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Would-be US arms deal to Taiwan condemned

[2009-10-30 10:21]

China decried a potential $4.9-billion sale of jet fighters from the United States to the Taiwan region in what would have been a disastrous political move for the US as it currently hosts one of the Chinese mainland's top military officials.

50% of new expats leave China early

[2009-10-30 10:26]

Almost half of new expatriates leave China early because they have difficulty adjusting to the lifestyle, a consultancy firm said.

Hu invites DPRK leader to visit China: KCNA

[2009-10-30 09:02]

President Hu Jintao has invited Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) top leader Kim Jong-il to visit China. No plan yet for US-DPRK talks, US says

High-level talks warm up Obama's visit

[2009-10-30 08:38]

Sino-US ties have been warmed up for President Obama's upcoming China visit by frequent contacts between high-level officials from both sides, experts said. China, US Repeat Calls against Protectionism

Campus violence, bullies on the rise

[2009-10-30 08:36]

Campus violence has been rising in this largest city of China, with blackmail, battles over lovers and escalating quarrels as the major causes, according to statistics from a local youth hotline.

Flammable ice a hot prospect for future energy

[2009-10-30 08:23]

Scientists predict China will become one of the first countries to begin production of gas hydrates, an enormous untapped energy source.

China develops supercomputer

[2009-10-30 08:21]

China unveiled its fastest supercomputer yesterday, which at its peak speed can do more than one quadrillion calculations per second, known as a petaflop.

Kill copycats, open floodgates of creativity

[2009-10-30 08:09]

As many visitors to Zhejiang province know, some of the region's top draws are the ancient watertowns along the Grand Canal where major cultural figures and ideas throughout Chinese history have sprung.

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