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Obama, Hu hold talks as world watches

[2009-11-17 11:00]

Barack Obama is opening his talks with Chinese president Hu Jintao by saying that strong dialogue between the US and China benefit not just those two nations but the whole world.

No China bashing, all eyes on cooperation

[2009-11-17 10:57]

The seminar on climate change with a focus on China held at the Asia Society in New York last week was quite a surprise.

A/H1N1 flu death toll rises to 53 on mainland

[2009-11-17 10:22]

The Chinese mainland has reported 69,160 confirmed cases of A/H1N1 flu, with 53,612 cases recovered and 53 dead as of Sunday, according to China's Ministry of Health, reported.

Chinese culture embraced by Canadian adoptive family

[2009-11-17 10:25]

The Duffys' house on the west side of Vancouver has a red-painted door with two stone lions on each side. Inside are rooms decorated with cloisonne, paper-cut, wash paintings, a lion dance mask, embroidery and other examples of Chinese cultural heritage.

Landslide in northern China kills 23

[2009-11-17 10:17]

A state media report says a massive landslide in northern China partially has buried a village and killed at least 23 people, and that rescuers are seeking survivors

There's room for both of us: Obama

[2009-11-17 06:53]

Barack Obama was in typical eloquent form Monday for a signature "town hall meeting" with a difference.China awaits US climate pledge Obama lends ears to young Chinese Cellist in tune with president's calendar

China: loosen hi-tech export limits

[2009-11-17 08:10]

As US reviews its restrictions on hi-tech exports to China, the Ministry of Commerce's spokesman urged the US to shorten the timetable for loosening export controls.

Face-to-face meeting bridges all

[2009-11-17 07:54]

It was a learning experience for both sides.

Taking new tact, Obama lends ears to young Chinese

[2009-11-17 07:35]

United States President Barack Obama's participation in yesterday's town-hall meeting with Chinese youth in Shanghai sharpened the contrast between him and his predecessors on several levels.

Clinton working her magic to woo backers to expo dream

[2009-11-17 07:19]

Hillary Clinton, the United States secretary of state, refashioned Monday a line from the US movie Field of Dreams to urge American companies to sponsor the country's pavilion at next year's World Expo in Shanghai.

Food security in favorable situation

[2009-11-17 01:50]

Though the international community is under the dual pressure of a global financial crisis and a global food crisis, China now has a favorable food security situation, Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu said here on Monday.

Finding a way home

[2009-11-17 02:20]

When Wang Bangyin tried to hug his son, the three-year-old boy dodged behind a policeman and cried in fear.

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