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Fees for H1N1 vaccine face punishment

[2009-11-05 07:57]

Anyone charging a fee for H1N1 vaccinations will be punished, the National Development and Reform Commission said yesterday. Flu Pandemic Outbreak

High time we stopped shivering

[2009-11-05 07:40]

Beijing's decision to turn on the heat is a momentous change from a policy set nearly 60 years ago, when China was still struggling to feed and clothe its people...

China's strengths in SE Asia to stay

[2009-11-05 07:39]

Beijing's presence in Southeast Asia is insulated from the United States' apparent renewal of interest in the region, experts said.

Govt buys ticket for Disney Shanghai

[2009-11-05 07:37]

Mickey Mouse and friends are on their way to Shanghai after long-awaited plans for a Disney theme park near China's financial hub got the thumbs-up from central authorities.Initial plans for Disney park set Shanghai Disneyland no threat to HK

World Bank upgrades growth forecast to 8.4%

[2009-11-05 07:36]

The World Bank yesterday revised upwards its forecast for China's growth this year - from 7.2 percent to 8.4 percent - and projected a slightly faster pace of expansion in the coming year.

Shanghai Disneyland gets approval, land price up

[2009-11-04 22:44]

China's central government has officially approved the Shanghai Disneyland Project, the Shanghai municipal government announced Wednesday. Initial plans for Disney park set

Major Chinese lake sees drastic shrinkage

[2009-11-04 22:39]

China's second largest freshwater lake, Dongting, has shrunk in area by almost two thirds in just a month, a local meteorologist said Wednesday.

Vice premier urges Sino-US co-op in tackling crisis

[2009-11-04 22:29]

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan on Wednesday called on beefed-up Sino-US coordination and cooperation in fighting the global financial crisis.

China urges more relief efforts for prolonged drought

[2009-11-04 21:45]

China's drought relief office has called for immediate and intensified efforts to fight drought in provinces in south China, which caused water shortage to 2.47 million people.

China to hold first humanoid robot Olympics

[2009-11-04 21:38]

Robot makers around the world can show their creations and compete in the first International Humanoid Robot Olympic Games next June in China's northeastern city of Harbin.

Writers stuck on apology over Google copyright dispute

[2009-11-04 19:33]

Chinese writers Wednesday said they appreciated Google's move to talk with them, but maintained their demand for an apology for copyright violation.

China begins construction of inland nuclear power stations

[2009-11-04 17:56]

The design and first-phase construction of three inland nuclear power stations in China has begun, Wang Binghua, chairman of State Nuclear Power Technology Corp.

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