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China considers new law to protect oil pipelines

[2009-10-27 14:33]

Chinese legislators are discussing a draft law on the protection of oil and gas pipelines, which, they say, are facing growing problems due to rapid urbanization and the expansion of pipeline networks.

Army no threat, top general says

[2009-10-27 13:36]

Development of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is to protect China’s economic development and safeguard its territorial integrity, a top Chinese general said in Washington on Monday. PLA sleuths shed light on US 'missing in action'

China sticks to peaceful development: Military brass

[2009-10-27 11:43]

China will steadfastly stick to the path of peaceful development, and its national defense policy is of a defensive nature, a senior Chinese military officer said Monday.

Kidneys illegally sold online

[2009-10-27 09:59]

Kidneys are being freely traded on the Internet which is functioning as a medium for sellers and the organ brokers who are gaining huge profits.

POWs were treated fairly

[2009-10-27 09:45]

China voluntarily repatriated the first group of prisoners of war (POWs) fighting for the Unites States-led allied army soon after the Chinese army of volunteers won its first battle with the US army at Unsan before the end of 1950.

Initial results of drywall probe to come this week

[2009-10-27 08:19]

An investigation that spans the globe into the cause of widespread illness in the United States allegedly from contaminated drywall imported from China continues, but initial clues to answers will be revealed later this week.

PLA searches US 'missing in action'

[2009-10-27 07:56]

Until recently, 72-year-old Xu Zhenliang had barely uttered a word about the crash of a US plane that came down when he was a teenager in his home village.

China locked into financial policy

[2009-10-27 07:45]

China has reiterated its commitment to proactive financial policies and moderately loose monetary policies amid speculation that it might be preparing an exit strategy.

Bids to rein in watchdog set to backfire

[2009-10-27 07:40]

It's no surprise for governments anywhere in the world not to enjoy the watchdog role of the press, but those as daring as the one in Dongguan of South China's Guangdong province are few and far between.

China helps locate US jet crash in 1950

[2009-10-26 22:02]

The Chinese armed forces have reviewed key information in military archives to locate the crash site of a US bomber 59 years ago, hoping to retrieve remains of some pilots out of the total 15 on board.

Exports rebound catches firms short-handed

[2009-10-26 21:43]

Many companies in China's southern export hub are now finding it hard to recruit staff to handle orders as exports show signs of rebounding, a Chinese minister said on Monday.

China polar expedition mapping Antarctica

[2009-10-26 21:41]

Chinese scientists from the country's 26th Antarctic expedition are expected to complete the world's first land cover map of the Antarctica at the end of this year.

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