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Columns of unity to be removed from Tian'anmen Square

[2009-11-25 15:02]

As this year's National Day celebrations are over, the 56 columns of ethnic unity will be removed from Tian'anmen Square in Beijing by the end of 2009, according to officials here.

Preparation for Expo proceeds into operation phase

[2009-11-25 14:31]

The preparation for the 2010 Shanghai Expo has proceeded into exhibits arrangements and service operation as site constructions are mostly completed.

Officials vulnerable to health risks

[2009-11-25 14:07]

A report on Chinese officials' health was published Tuesday,revealing that 40 percent of officials are overweight or obese.

US sets duties on Chinese tubular goods

[2009-11-25 10:11]

The US Commerce Department on Tuesday announced its decision to set final countervailing duties on imports of the 2.6 billion dollar oil country tubular goods from China, the biggest US trade action against China.

Compensation planned for return of relics

[2009-11-25 08:49]

In a bid to encourage overseas collectors to return to China its ancient relics, the country plans to offer "reasonable compensation" in exchange for the antiques, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) has said.

Detected H1N1 mutations 'not dangerous

[2009-11-25 08:13]

Chinese health authorities detected mutations of the H1N1 virus on the Chinese mainland in June and July, but so far, the mutations are not creating any danger in terms of the number and severity of cases, health experts said.

Listen up: eavesdropping is on its way

[2009-11-25 07:41]

Wiretapping and eavesdropping should be used in investigations of corruption, a prosecutor has said.

Adopted children trace roots to China

[2009-11-25 07:23]

When Lisa Juskowitz met her adopted daughter for the first time seven years ago in China, she held the child tight and immediately felt a bond.

RMB rate fine-tuning is possible

[2009-11-25 07:03]

The Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun said the RMB rate's flexibility may widen in the future, echoing the nation's central bank a month ago.

US govt hails cabbies' drive to please

[2009-11-25 07:03]

Forty-year-old taxi driver Zhou Yong only caught a glimpse of US President Barack Obama's back from far away during 12 days working for the White House Communications Agency in Beijing - but it was a glimpse he will never forget.

HIV/AIDS hits 740,000 nationwide

[2009-11-25 06:43]

The number of HIV positive people in China probably stands at around 740,000, up from the estimated 700,000 who had the virus in 2007, the country's health minister said yesterday. Warns of HIV spread

2 executed over milk powder scandal

[2009-11-25 06:45]

Two people were executed yesterday for their roles in the country's tainted milk powder scandal last year, which killed six children and made more than 300,000 sick.

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