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China, Albania mark 60 anniv. of diplomatic ties

[2009-11-23 11:44]

Chinese President Hu Jintao and his Albanian counterpart Bamir Topi exchanged congratulatory messages on Monday to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Lawmaker seeks to ban lavish govt dinings

[2009-11-23 11:41]

A Chinese lawmaker has proposed to hold people who use public funds on lavish banquets legally accountable so as to curb the widespread practice.

Volkswagen aims to triple sales in south China

[2009-11-23 11:35]

German Auto giant Volkswagen Group has unveiled an ambitious strategy called "Strive to Win" to more than triple its sales in south China from 150,000 units to half a million annually, China Daily reported Monday.

Chinese consulate shocked by Saipan shooting

[2009-11-23 09:29]

The Chinese Consulate-general in Los Angeles said on Sunday that it was shocked by the shooting incident that occurred in Saipan Island on Friday, reportedly involving a Chinese national.

Management failures blamed for fatal coal mine blast

[2009-11-23 15:07]

Safety officials and investigators have blamed poor management and inadequate safety precautions for the coal mine blast that has claimed 104 lives so far in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

Police ID Chinese man as Saipan shooter

[2009-11-23 07:31]

The gunman who killed at least four people and wounded nine others in a shooting rampage on the Pacific island of Saipan on Friday has been identified as 42-year-old Li Zhongren of China, foreign media reported.

Deaths climb to 104 after mine explodes

[2009-11-23 07:07]

The death toll from the Hegang coal mine explosion has risen to 104, according to a China News Service report Survivors recount mine disaster Comment: Value miners' lives

Pork 'safe to eat' despite infection

[2009-11-23 07:08]

Health experts have assured consumers that Chinese pork is still safe despite reports of pigs being infected with the deadly A/H1N1 flu.

Anti-virus authorities warn of new computer worm virus

[2009-11-22 20:48]

China's anti-virus authorities on Sunday warned computer users to guard against new mutation of worm virus, which could infect various documents in system.

Expert: Push for stronger Chinese yuan does no good

[2009-11-22 13:54]

Nobel economics laureate Paul Krugman's recent push for a stronger Chinese currency "was wrong," and such a move currently does no good to the U.S. and Chinese economies, a U.S. expert said recently in an article on Forbes' website.

'Bird's Nest' seeks public opinion for mascot, logo designs

[2009-11-22 11:34]

The company that operates China's National Stadium, or "Bird's Nest", says on Sunday designs for its mascot and logo should combine regional characteristics and Chinese cultural elements.

Deadly explosion kills 87 in NE China colliery

[2009-11-22 08:30]

The death toll from a gas explosion in a coal mine in northeast China's Helongjiang Province has risen to 87, with 21 other miners still trapped.

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