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Chinese, US presidents in phone link on ties, climate change

[2009-10-21 19:41]

Chinese President Hu Jintao and his US counterpart, Barack Obama, exchanged views on bilateral ties and climate change during a phone conversation Wednesday morning.

Zero tariff rate for China, ASEAN

[2009-10-21 15:58]

No tariff will be imposed on 90 percent of the products traded between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), when the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area is established on Jan 1, 2010

Textile, garment exports to suffer largest drop in 30 years

[2009-10-21 14:13]

China's textiles and garments exports are expected to slide by over 10 percent this year, the fastest drop in 30 years, the China Business News reported today.

Experts beware Yuan rise as hot money risk brews

[2009-10-21 13:29]

Chinese exporters should brace themselves for a steady rise in the value of the yuan while the steep hiking of asset prices looks set to continue, say analysts studying the movements of "hot money."

China vigilant as hijacked ship heads to Somalia

[2009-10-21 09:49]

China said it will "make every effort" to free the crew of a cargo ship held by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean, something experts said will be best done through bargaining and diplomatic efforts. China to rescue hijacked crew Hostages 'seem fine' Pirates extending reach

Auto industry drives past major milestone

[2009-10-21 08:27]

China's auto industry yesterday sped past an impressive milestone as the 10-millionth vehicle - a heavy-duty "Jiefang" truck - rolled off the production line.

Sex education urged for all youths

[2009-10-21 08:14]

Sex education and related services need to be available to all Chinese youths, even those who are not married, say experts in the field of reproductive health.

Family planning policy applauded

[2009-10-21 08:11]

China's family planning policy received cautious praise at an international conference for its positive effects on the country, and even the world's environment.

Google violating copyrights, authors say

[2009-10-21 07:49]

Google is facing accusations that its employees, illegally and without permission, scanned Chinese writers' works into its digital library, Google Books.

Palace Museum to display Tibetan Buddhist relics

[2009-10-21 07:48]

Zhongzheng Hall, the site of exchanges between Tibetan Buddhism and Han culture 500 years ago, is once again hosting a display of ancient Tibetan relics.

Read with right attitude, enough intelligence

[2009-10-21 07:46]

No one would ever challenge the consensus that lessons learned from the past should be a guide for the future. But can we humans as a whole really learn lessons from what has happened? Even if we sometimes can, it is not that easy.

Why cry wolfover a fair traffic law

[2009-10-21 07:44]

China now seems to have an over-abundance of "experts". Whenever an event arouses public attention, experts jump on the scene to address or offer "professional" advice to people, which is often contrary to public sentiment and common sense.

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