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Incredible Eritrea

[2010-10-15 07:19]

Mauritius-China direct flights to be launched soon

[2010-09-10 09:10]

Plans to have direct aerial flights between Mauritius and China have been completed, with the air route to be opened soon, according to officials in the Indian Ocean island country.

Mauritius turns to China for more investment

[2010-09-01 15:14]

A delegation from Mauritius sought business opportunities in China by holding an investment and trade forum in Shanghai on August 31.

China to aid transformation of Nairobi city

[2010-09-21 09:27]

A growing metropolis and a hub for East African business, Nairobi is the region's most populous city.

Partner of choice for Chinese investors

[2010-05-03 07:13]

Kenya-China ties strengthened on the road to 'Vision 2030'

Sino-Kenyan trade reaches record high

[2010-05-03 06:41]

As a major producer of agricultural and industrial goods, Kenya boasts one of Africa's leading export-oriented economies and enjoys excellent trade relations with many foreign countries, particularly China.

Chinese visitors help tourism roar ahead

[2010-05-03 07:13]

Revenues soar as travelers marvel at range of wildlife

Investment in agriculture to boost exports

[2010-05-03 07:13]

Transport and farming sectors offering vast opportunities

S. Africa hopes to export more wool to China

[2012-08-14 06:29]

With the wool season approaching, South Africa is expecting China could import more wool, the South African wool producers group said on Monday.

Africa, China rely on each other even more

[2012-07-20 07:28]

As relations between Africa and China further develop, the two sides rely on each other even more, two prominent South African researchers said.

File photos: Chinese leaders met African friends

[2011-08-25 17:27]

Chinese leaders meeting leaders, friends from Africa.

China says Africa is no one's cheese

[2012-07-13 08:10]

Africa is not any country's "cheese" but belongs to the African people, a senior diplomat said on Thursday ahead of a meeting of China and 50 African nations in Beijing.

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