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Modernization of Lobito port right on schedule

[2011-09-16 08:03]

Lobito port is rapidly becoming a catalyst for economic growth and development for the entire region, and is looking to help Benguela province return to its glory days as an industrial power.

A vigorous Angola springs back to life

[2011-09-16 08:03]

Ten years ago, Angola was in a desperate situation: Years of civil war and political instability had ravaged the country and depleted its resources, while its infrastructure was in tatters.

Namibe's rising tide of renovation for growing business

[2011-09-16 08:03]

Angola may be China's main trading partner in Africa and a place where China has invested heavily, but other countries are also looking at the South-West African nation as a potentially important regional transport hub.

China helps Angola's GDP bounce back

[2012-02-29 08:04]

Country aims for economic growth, ups social spending
Angola has become a shining example of how a country can transform itself.

Building a global partnership

[2012-02-29 08:05]

Last July Grupo Gema and Edifer, a Portuguese construction group, signed an agreement to strengthen their strategic cooperation to develop infrastructure projects in Angola.

China pledges $70m help to Horn of Africa

[2011-10-13 19:35]

China will provide more help to famine-stricken countries in the Horn of Africa, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

China's food aid for Africa to be all delivered by Oct

[2011-10-16 21:09]

China's food aid for Africa including rice, wheat, flour, and edible oil will all be finished with shipment and reach the destinations by the end of this month, according to COFCO, the nation's largest food exporter and importer.

MOZAMBIQUE Strengthening ties with its old friend, China

[2011-10-17 08:00]

Brimming with resources that include minerals, fossil fuels, abundant water, Mozambique offers possibilities for treasure seekers.

Building the case for South Africa

[2011-09-15 07:45]

Winning the bid would present opportunities for global R&D and future investment. The Square Kilometer Array (SKA), is successful.

Leading airline growing its business into Asia

[2011-09-15 07:45]

SAA is expanding its global route network with growth planned for routes to Beijing

South Africa's role in BRICS

[2011-09-15 07:45]

South Africa's ascension into the BRICS club of emerging economies raised some eyebrows internationally, but there is no doubt that the country has the credentials to back its membership.

Perhaps the foremost advantage South Africa is able to offer its BRIC partners is access to 1 billion consumers living in Africa, as well as the vast mineral and agricultural opportunities the continent offers.

Massive oil fields attract valuable flows of FDI

[2011-06-10 07:57]

In March, Ghana's parliament finally passed the much-anticipated Oil Revenue Management Bill that will determine how the government manages and invests substantial energy revenues to secure the country's future for generations to come.

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