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Momentum of PE fund raising is rebounding

[2009-11-02 14:49]

Fund-raising momentum has rebounded in China as the country becomes a port for international Limited Partners (LPs).

Lawmaker urges legislation for lake protection

[2009-11-02 14:06]

Senior Chinese legislator Chen Zhili on Monday called for greater legislative powers to stop lake water pollution and to prevent lakes from disappearing.

US fleet commander visits Chinese warship at Gulf of Aden

[2009-11-02 12:43]

Scott Sanders and his entourage paid a visit to "Zhongshan" warship at the invitation of Wang Zhiguo on Sunday local time.

Aerobatic team prepares for airforce anniversary

[2009-11-02 12:41]

The aerobatic team and a parachute jump team are set to perform for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Airforce on November 11.

Hu to visit Malaysia, Singapore, attend APEC summit: FM

[2009-11-02 11:51]

Chinese President Hu Jintao will pay state visits to Malaysia and Singapore from November 10 to 13 and attend APEC summit set for November 14 and 15 in Singapore, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Monday.

Chinext stocks slide by 10% on opening Monday

[2009-11-02 11:18]

Twenty-seven of 28 stocks, the first batch of stocks listed on the Chinext market, fell by the 10 percent limit today on opening, according to

Boosting relations through 'better communication'

[2009-11-02 10:48]

China and Japan have a very complicated history and the two need more communication to bridge understanding of the past for a brighter future together, particularly among youths, a prominent Japanese commentator of Sino-Japanese ties told China Daily.

Scholar: Japan should show more tolerance and confidence

[2009-11-02 10:22]

Japan needs to boost its tolerance and confidence in engaging China and its people to promote bilateral ties, particularly at the grass roots, Zhou Muzhi, a Chinese professor at Tokyo Keizai University, told China Daily in an interview.

Sino-Japanese trade set for rebound next year

[2009-11-02 10:19]

Trade between China and Japan is expected to recover as early as the second half of next year, from a decline since last November amid the global financial crisis, a researcher with the Ministry of Commerce has said.

Li, Rudd lay stress on better relations

[2009-11-02 09:59]

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang met Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd over the weekend to discuss the development of relations between the two countries.

Stronger Japan ties, but with riders

[2009-11-02 09:46]

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)-led government will seek to enhance cooperation with China in the wake of its "return to Asia" policy, experts said ahead of the annual Beijing-Tokyo Forum, which begins today.

Confucius Institute to bridge for cultural exchanges

[2009-11-02 09:34]

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that he hopes a newly opened Confucius Institute at Canterbury University will serve as a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand.

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