Touch of brilliance

By Li Fusheng and Li Jin ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-07-12 07:07:05

Touch of brilliance

Something that makes him a rarity among modern Chinese artists is that he paints with his heart.

People can feel his passion and love for art and life in his works, said Kowk, citing the example of his rooster-themed paintings.

Even the birds' features and the texture of wooden farming tools laid nearby are depicted in detail with his signature technique, he said.

Another example of his dedication came when an art collector asked him to paint something similar to a work that had been sold to others. He refused and said "painting requires passion and a painting is valueless when the passion is gone".

Despite his strictness in creation, Wu is rather casual with his daily life.

He spends most of his time painting, contemplating, reading and writing but seldom appears at parties where artists are often found.

"My revenue from paintings is enough to cover daily expenses. And I don't need more. So I can get down and concentrate on my work," said Wu.

He does not conceal his distain for noisy artists who have almost become show-biz celebrities.

"It is tiring. But if they are really good artists is there any need for them to do that?"

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