Mung bean sweet congee

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Mung bean sweet congee

Mung bean sweet congee [Photo/IC]

Mung beans are considered a "cooling" ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are very popular in the summer.

People from the south usually make them into a sweet congee that tastes even better after being chilled, whereas in the north they are often mixed with fillets or rice and served with pickled vegetables for breakfast.


Mung beans and water 1:8

Honey to taste

Crystal sugar to taste

Brown sugar to taste


1. Clean the mung beans. Boil the mung beans and water until the bean hulls fall off.

2. Remove the hulls.

3. Filter the mushy beans from the bean soup. You may also use the mixer to make the bean paste.

4. Mix the soup with the paste and add crystal sugar.

5. Boil the mixture till it becomes smooth and thick.

6. Chill the congee in the fridge.

7. Add some honey on top.

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