Prestigious ancient painting 'comes to life'

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Prestigious ancient painting 'comes to life'

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A new mobile app developed by the Palace Museum makes the characters in the famous ancient painting Han Xizai Evening Banquet "come to life". The 3D version of the well-known masterpiece restages the splendid and bustling scene of the banquet in Southern Tang Dynasty (937-975 AD). Let's have a look.

Once the app is launched, a piece of melodious music starts immediately with a voice that provides the historical context of the painting. The user will see a bamboo forest before the 3D banquet scene gradually shows up. The user can drag and move the picture on the mobile screen for further appreciation and read relevant introductions by pressing the characters or items in the painting.

When the user clicks and chooses a certain person in the painting, they would come to life and move. For example, if a user choose Li Ji, a female musician in the picture, Li will play her pipa (a Chinese lute) and dance. Besides the characters, the exquisite musical instruments, household utensils and the furniture are also worth seeing.

It is reported that famous costume designer Jin Tian, celebrated arts group "Han Tang Yue Fu" from Taipei have also participated in the app development, trying to restore the beauty and elegance of the ancient life.

Han Xizai Evening Banquet, composed by well-known painter at the time Gu Hongzhong, is one of the top 10 most prestigious Chinese ancient paintings. It is the only piece created by him that is left today. This series of artistic pieces describe a complete process of a grand banquet hosted by Han Xizai, a high-ranking official at the time. According to historical record, the then emperor suspected that Han would overthrow his royal power. Therefore, Han indulged himself in arts and entertainment in order to remove the emperor's suspicion.

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